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The remarkable success of Mike Walsh’s Odyssey Adolf Hitler is perhaps summarised in its 25 chapter headings. Here, for the first time in history, the reader discovers that as a schoolchild Hitler was fascinated by great music including opera. It was after experiencing Wagner’s Rienzi that the youthful Adolf Hitler experienced a paranormal visitation.

From that ecstasy, the visionary and social reforming revolutionary followed the path of Rienzi.  The mythical Roman tribune had overthrown the political elite after Rienzi sided with the oppressed over-taxed ignored people.

Rienzi was consumed in the flames of the money lenders wrath and revenge. He suffered a pyrrhic accession to the gods after the thwarted and vengeful elite, in turn, overthrew the people’s nation. During the struggle, Rienzi’s people were consumed in fire, bloodshed, slavery and misery.

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There is a great deal more information about the unknown Adolf Hitler that can only now be revealed. This is thanks to the internet and the loss of some control by the triumphant moneylenders.

As we leaf through the pages of this remarkable lavishly illustrated book we discover that from being a front-line soldier in the most epic battles of World War I, the remarkable highly decorated corporal merged into a Germany torn apart by Bolshevik insurgents.

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Whilst scraping by on sales from his paintings and drawings, which now command higher prices than those of Pablo Picasso, Adolf Hitler, by sheer weight of his remarkable drive and personality, snatched Germany from the jaws of capitalism and communism and returned his nation to the German folk. (Art of Adolf Hitler, Mike Walsh, Amazon and Buy from author tab).

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Adulation for Hitler’s remarkable achievements was not confined to Germany.  The elected German leader in just 36 months had created the world’s most successful economy and best lifestyle in the world from the grinding poverty of Capitalist Weimar.

The illustrated record of Hitler’s success, published in Mike Walsh’s Life in the Reich, was removed by Amazon Kindle. This astonishing book is now available only by clicking ‘Buy from the Author’ tab.

On record, though hidden from public view, are tributes paid to Hitler by the world’s greatest statesmen, writers, philosophers. The fantastically few, whose genius gives them immortality, were unstinting in their accolades. Many Church leaders saw in Adolf Hitler the Second Coming.

From 1919, Adolf Hitler assembled the forces necessary for Germany to avoid the Bolshevik fate that had befallen Imperial Russia. A saintly martyr to suffering, Hitler never drew a state salary, was the only world statesman who never had a bank account, never touched alcohol or smoked, and when medically operated on refused anaesthetics. Hitler’s book royalties were bequeathed to ex-servicemen’s associations

Hitler’s Germany was far from being a dictatorship the victors claim it to be. In Odyssey Adolf Hitler one learns that Hitler modelled Germany’s electoral process on the Pericles model.

Pericles (495 BC) created the world’s first genuine democratic nation. The Greek statesman was denounced as a populist by the political elite for returning government to the Greek electorate.

Ironically, when the German armed forces (not the elected government) capitulated on May 8, 1945, not one of the leaders of the so-called democracies had been elected. Dual nationality Winston Churchill was not elected to act as Britain’s wartime premier. Josef Stalin, wasn’t Russian and was, of course, a dictator. At the time, US President Truman had not been elected.  On May 8, 1945, the only leader who could truthfully claim to be the peoples choice was Adolf Hitler.

Interestingly, Hitler, who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and restored Christianity to Germany, also cleared the Temple of its money lenders. It is all in the book; it can be hidden but the truth cannot be denied.

Here is the story of how a thankful National Socialist German Workers Party funded Hitler’s home in the clouds. In Odyssey Adolf Hitler you find also the illustrated chronicle of some but not all of the world’s greatest thinkers who paid tribute to him.

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There are 25 chapters in all in Odyssey Adolf Hitler. Other chapters focus on the sad death of Hitler’s mother, Klara, whom he idolised, and his sister Paula, who in turn conferred saintly blessings on her brother.

Is there a requiem for Adolf Hitler as there is for Napoleon? Michael Walsh, who published Odyssey Adolf Hitler, believes that Adolf Hitler’s Requiem was already penned before his death, as was Napoleon’s requiem. His choice is revealed in the book.

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There is much more to the beautifully illustrated Odyssey Adolf Hitler than the aforementioned.  Readers will be fascinated by the remarkable revolutionary’s final address to the world, and the eulogy from the admiral appointed to lead Germany after the Fuhrer’s passing.

But, also to be remembered is that Adolf Hitler’s prophecies for the post-Hitler world have proved to be uncannily accurate. From this, we can draw little comfit.

Britain’s Empire, which  Hitler vowed to protect, was sold by Churchill as part payment for its wartime debt.  Britain’s way of life, for which its armed forces fought, has changed beyond recognition by their treacherous rulers. The hapless Soviet Union, rescued in 1940 by Britain and the United States, lasted a mere 40 years before it too disappeared into bankruptcy.  Today, the United States is €22 trillion in debt and destined to shortly follow the British Empire and USSR into reprehensible oblivion. And, this they call victory? Read more: Witness to History and Reich and Wrong.

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If as a free-thinker you have the courage to purchase a copy of Odyssey Adolf Hitler, the world will become for you a far different place from the world you have been told it is.


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