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Karin McQuillan was a White volunteer worker for America’s Peace Corp foundation and charity (https://www.peacecorps.gov/. Karin is young enough to be my granddaughter. As a world traveller during the 1960s I lived and worked all over Africa. Her report about ‘modern’ Africa is true today as it was in my time and the time of James Conrad and David Livingstone.

Had I had an opportunity to talk with Karin I could have told the young idealist everything she is now saying. In fact, I could have written these very same words over 50-years ago. Being an idealist ~ and a realist, I know that folk won’t listen; they have to find out for themselves. Karen did so, and this is what she writes.

‘Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community centre in a rural town.  Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health.  That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, “a fecalized environment”

In plain English: shit is everywhere.  People defecate on the open ground, and the faeces are blown with the dust onto you, your clothes, your food, the water.  He warned us the first day of training: do not even touch the water.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a few decades later, liberals would teach generations of our kids that loving your own culture and wanting to preserve it are racism.

Last time I was in Paris, I saw a well-dressed African woman in a grand boubou have her child defecate on the sidewalk next to Notre Dame Cathedral.  The French police officer, ten steps from her, turned his head not to see.

Senegal was not a hellhole.  Very poor people can lead happy, meaningful lives in their own cultures’ terms.  But they are not our terms.  The excrement is the least of it.  Our basic ideas of human relations, right and wrong, are incompatible.

As a twenty-one-year-old starting out in the Peace Corps, I loved Senegal.  I quickly made friends and had an adopted family.  I relished the feeling of the brotherhood of man.  People were open, willing to share their lives and, after they knew you, their innermost thoughts.

The longer I lived there, the more I understood and it became blindingly obvious that the Senegalese are not the same as us.  The truths we hold to be self-evident are not evident to the Senegalese.  How could they be?  Their reality is totally different.  You can’t understand anything in Senegal using American (Western) terms.

Take something as basic as family.  The family was a few hundred people, extending out to second and third cousins.  All the men in one generation were called “father.”  Senegalese are Muslim, with up to four wives.  Girls had their clitorises cut off at puberty.

Sex, I was told, did not include kissing.  Love and friendship in marriage were Western ideas.  Fidelity was not a thing.  Married women would have sex for a few cents to have cash for the market. What I did witness every day was that women were worked half to death.  Wives raised the food and fed their own children, did the heavy labor of walking miles to gather wood for the fire, drew water from the well or public faucet, pounded grain with heavy hand-held pestles, lived in their own huts, and had conjugal visits from their husbands on a rotating basis with their co-wives.  Their husbands lazed in the shade of the trees.

The Ten Commandments were not disobeyed as they were unknown.  You were supposed to steal everything you can to give to your own relatives.

We hear a lot about the corrupt elites of Africa.  My town had a medical clinic donated by international agencies.  The medicine was stolen by the medical workers and sold to the local store.  If you were sick and didn’t have money, drop dead.

In Senegal, corruption ruled, from top to bottom.  Go to the post office, and the clerk would name an outrageous price for a stamp.  After paying the bribe, you still didn’t know it if it would be mailed or thrown out.  That was normal.

One of my most vivid memories was from the clinic.  One day, as the waiting grew hotter in 110-degree heat, an old woman two feet from the chattering medical aides collapsed to the ground.  They turned their heads so as not to see her and kept talking.  She lay there in the dirt.  Callousness to the sick was normal.

We think the Protestant work ethic is universal.  It’s not.  My town was full of young men doing nothing.  They were waiting for a government job.  There was no private enterprise.  Private business was not illegal, just impossible, given the nightmare of a third-world corruption.

All the little stores in Senegal were owned by Mauritanians.  If a Senegalese wanted to run a little store, he’d go to another country because your friends and relatives would ask you for stuff for free, and you would have to say yes.  You are not allowed to be a selfish individual and say no to relatives.  The result: Everyone has nothing.

I couldn’t wait to get home.  So why would I want to bring Africa here?  Non-Westerners do not magically become American by arriving on our shores with a visa, but of course, we’re racist for even entertaining such thoughts.  Only Liberals know what’s best for America. Many in Africa are likely starving, but does any supposed help America sends to that Continent, really ever get to those truly in need?

We are lectured by Democrats that we must privilege third-world immigration by the hundred million with chain migration.  They tell us we must end America as a white, Western, Christian, capitalist nation to prove we are not racist.

I don’t need to prove a thing.  Leftists want open borders because they resent whites, resent Western achievements, and hate America.  They want to destroy America as we know it. We have the right to choose what kind of country to live in.  I was happy to donate a year of my life to help the Senegalese I am not willing to donate my country.


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  • Not exactly “news” to either of us (and many others). But a killer to the ‘well-meaning’ majority. I could kiss this young lady on both cheeks and tell her “welcome home!”.

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  • To Karin, on Africa. My travels for many years was So. Korea, China, Indonesia, etc. I found So. Korea like you found Africa 45 years ago, but today? Today So. Korea is as modern (or more) than the decaying USA. They build some of the worlds best products like Hundia, Kia, Samsung etc.

    Today, China is exploiting Africa just as the USA did with So. Korea. USA problem and world problem is not ethnicity. It is the control of one ethnic group in one country that is trying to control the world i.e. N(J)ew World Order. They (JWO) are striving to mix all ethnic groups, have no border and maintain only jew purity.

    Whites are losing the battle alone, as Whites fight between religion, wealth, other ethnic groups. WE Whites need to join with the Farrakhan’s (Blacks), and other ethnic groups that also see the JWO problem.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I remind readers that the armies of Hitler’s Germany were the most ethnically diverse in history. It is said that the largest army in European history, the only army to boast over 1 million men under arms, was the RUSSIAN free army that fought on the side of the Reich. But, afterwards, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin massacred this diversity.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Differences in average IQ between Koreans and Senegalese explain much of your experience. Koreans have high enough IQ to be industrialized. Senegalese do not.

      Liked by 4 people

      • If the Chinese provide education (not like in the USA), living conditions like good food/water/air/health care, we may see the Senegalese ahead of the USA. It has been said Cuba has the best education system in the Western Hemisphere. I was there in 1999-2000, very impressed. I worked in China a few month 1994-1995 and predicted they would surpass the USA in 15 years. Yes, a bit optimistic, but baby look at them now.

        WE (Europe, USA & Canada) have one GR8 (great) problem. The N(j)ew World Order. Let’s organize with the Koreans, Chinese, and Senegalese, educate them on the problem and get rid of the 1 GR8 problem?


    • Perhaps it is time for the Whites to realise that they have been betrayed and who are the lackeys who betrayed them and sold them cheap on whose instructions and what is (soon will be “was”) the overall purpose behind the plot. To realise; wake up (as it is fifty-nine seconds to midnight) and ACT.

      Mike and his team are acting. Youngsters should stop talking in circles around a pint of beer listening to frenzy rock music, get educated by learning to read and build up a thought again (thus think further than a single A5 leaflet) and ACT.

      Most of us wore ourselves out and ruined our financial health ACTING and trying to put back on an essential common sense track the immense majority of do-gooder bless-you fucking dumb souls.

      And I MEANT IT!

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  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    It makes me amazed that stupid white people, however well intentioned, want to help Africans in any way, when every chance blacks get they want to kill whitey. Europeans have tried the helpful role before during the colonial period.

    Whites brought medicine ,agriculture ,Christianity , transport ,water, and education to Africa , and overall improved the lifespan of the people there.These days the liberal press condemn us universally and want us to be ashamed about this period of history, which was beyond our control anyway.

    On Africans themselves ,in the days when there was none of this political correctness; say the 1950s and early 1960s ,they were considered a sub race with a very low IQ. Today the IQ of the average African hasn’t changed. It ranges between 60 and mid high 80s. Collectively, they are incapable of building a high standard of civilization period. That’s just a hard fact. So why the hell are they being imported into western countries when they are incapable of being an asset to those societies and are a welfare drain.


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