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The term Wild Geese is synonymous with mercenaries who are also dubbed the Dogs of War. The genesis of the Wild Geese legend is the heroic life of the battle commander Irish Jacobite Patrick Sarsfield (1650 – 1693).

The 17th century was a period fraught by religious warfare in which viciousness was routine. The Peace Treaty between the rival armies had an unusual provision. Commander Patrick Sarsfield and his thousands of Ireland’s defeated fighters were permitted to relocate to France. The exodus of the Irish was immortalised as ‘the flight of the wild geese’.


The wild geese name describes uniformed idealists who are paid to fight the wars of others. Such is the introduction to Michael Walsh’s lavishly illustrated book, The Last Gladiators. Published by Amazon, The Last Gladiators provides a no-punches-pulled account of Europe’s legendary soldiers who during the 1960s fought throughout Africa until the blood of the Dark Continent ran darker.

There is a personal touch that adds considerable colour to The Wild Geese. Michael Walsh spent months in the Congo during the Congo Crisis (1960 – 1965). And, on two occasions he came close ~ too damned close, he says, to forfeiting his life.

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Michael Walsh Seaman

The browser need only scan the book’s table of contents to realise that when reading The Last Gladiators he is in for a white knuckle ride. Michael says, ‘don’t forget to write something positive in the buyers’ comments; don’t leave the gate open for snide remarks by globalist snipers.’

One thing for sure, the reader will emerge not so much covered in blood or glory but in knowledge.  The Last Gladiators is perhaps one of the best of its genre. But, if depravity, blood, gore and gratuitous violence is not your thing, think twice.

The book’s back cover proves an excellent summary. 1960s Africa was the Dark Continent of Livingstone and Dr Albert Schweitzer.


A visitor to over 20 African nations, Michael Walsh identified with the period with which Europe’s last gladiators would be familiar. Now comrades-in-arms, the dogs of war were veterans of the Waffen SS, Hitler Youth, The French Foreign Legion, British Parachute Regiment, Belgian, Dutch, and Irish and Swedish armed forces.

Drawn into the Congo Crisis and Biafra War of Independence, Sudan, South Africa and Rhodesia Bush Wars, the mercenaries numbered in their ranks legends such as Colonel Mike Hoare, Black Jack Schramme, veteran Colonel Bob Denard, and Major Siegfried Müller.


We witness the heroic death of Marc Goosens, meet French Legionnaire Roger Faulques, and ex-Hitler Youth Rolf Steiner dubbed ‘The Monk Soldier’. Never forgotten are Alexander Gay and Major Taffy Williams all of whom were truly the Last Gladiators of Europe.

The Last Gladiators was much enhanced with extra stories following initial publication. Of particular note: The 1987 African Battle won by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.  Look out also for The Siege of Jadotville, which was as tough as the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. Don’t look for stories of these epic battles fought and won by your White brothers. All have been blue-pencilled out of conventional media.

The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale, despite being the greatest battle in Africa since El Alamein, is also airbrushed out of the history books. The epic struggle between South Africa and Moscow / Havana took place in South West Africa. It resulted in the total annihilation of Wall Street / Moscow sponsored Communist insurgents.


After the battle was over the Reds counted 4,600 of their dead against the 31 dead who served in the South African Defence Forces. We’re unlikely to see such victories mentioned in today’s Soviet-style media. Grab a copy of The Last Gladiators ~ while you can.



Michael Walsh Was awarded Euro Weekly News ‘Writer of the Year 2011’. With 60 books bearing his name, thousands of news stories and columns, Michael is arguably Britain and Europe’s most prolific author of multi-topic books.

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MICHAEL WALSH is a journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 60 books include best-selling RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL, AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS,  THE LAST GLADIATORS, and other book titles. These illustrated best-selling books are essential for the libraries of informed readers.

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