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A customer’s revolution against advertising that uses race-mixing couples to promote their products is causing advert agents and their clients to think again. In Sweden, an enterprising advertising agency has boldly challenged the strategy by going direct to smaller business and promising their client’s propaganda-free advertising.

Mixed race couple Fiona Ryan, 33, and her fiancé Jonathan Mathis, 32, have fled Ireland after receiving racist abuse and threatening comments following their appearance in an ad campaign for supermarket chain Lidl.  Some messages were aimed at their mixed-race son, Jonah, who is nearly two years of age.

It seems not to have occurred to the couple that they have burdened their child with the mixed-race stigma for the rest of his life. Such selfish couples fail to realise that social fashion changes from acceptance to hostility. Ryan and Mathis will likely separate but they cannot separate their son from the stigma of his being neither of one ethnic group nor another.

According to Irish broadcaster RTÉ, Gemma O’ Doherty, a journalist and commentator known for causing controversy, started the attacks with a tweet that read: ‘German supermarket Lidl’s manipulation of the Irish people with their multicultural version of The Ryan’s. Resist the Great Replacement wherever you can by giving this store a wide berth. #ShopIrish #BuyIrish.’

Ethnic-European Fiona Ryan said since the tweet, she’s seen a whole host of other worrying and negative comments online aimed at her family that left her physically shaking.

‘When I read through them I was pretty shaken. I feared for my safety and my son’s safety. It was pretty harrowing, and I don’t think anyone should be subjected to that kind of online abuse,’ Ryan said.

Ryan later went to the Gardaí (Irish police) with a number of screenshots, only to be told it was a civil matter. Ryan followed up again a few days later and says she has now been assigned an investigative officer.

The couple has since left Ireland to go to multi-racial Britain. They say their experience only highlights a bigger problem within the country.

‘I was so shaken. I broke down in tears. It was the last straw and, yes, we decided we really need to lay low, to leave. We booked flights. We just thought, ‘could they actually find us if we stay where we are?’‘ Fiona Ryan told Irish media.

‘If my 22-month-old son has to live in a country that doesn’t protect his right to be who he is, then I’m not going to live in a country that does that to my child.’

In fact, her question should ask, ‘should I give birth to a mixed-race son in Ireland where there is growing natural resentment against those of alien appearance’.

Lidl Ireland has spoken out in support of the couple by shooting the messenger. ‘After offensive and racist tweets from Gemma O’ Doherty, we have decided to block and report her to @Twitter.  We are proud of our multicultural and diverse team and our customers. We are proud to work with, and serve, each and every one of them. Everyone is welcome in our store.’

Let the customers decide with whom they shop. It could be that Lidl and stores like it increasingly bear the brunt of customer resentment and resistance.

In the months running up to Christmas 2018, Debenhams Department store in the UK went into bankruptcy following an expensive mixed-race advertising campaign that flopped in spectacular fashion.

You can view the ad here.


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  • I’m sure they will fit in and feel more at home in England, Germany, Sweden, France and most other Western European countries where the schools are predominantly non white. I’ve noticed one thing about women with half caste children, that’s that they constantly parade them around in public and want everyone they meet to jump with joy because they’ve produced a mongrel.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    This is white replacement in action . Ireland like all European countries has been targeted for white genocide, though mass immigration and inter racial mongrelization . What people like this Irish woman don’t seem to understand is that the product of an inter racial union cant be undone. The European bloodline going back thousands of years is broken forever when a pure white person partners with a non white.

    If you destroy the race that built the culture by miscegenation then that culture dies forever..This is what the international jew wants for humanity. Open borders and the races all intermingling to become one brown hybridized low IQ human. Fortunately, In Ireland there are still people who can spot this game being played on us, and have called out this woman as a race traitor.

    Liked by 2 people

    • you should have learned the truth from America its all separate now except for mixed racers ;now we have to break a part as the united country is untenable; as the grandchild of Irish and German migrants its heart breaking to see what’s been asked of them and their children ; thanks jews !

      Liked by 1 person

      • Please, let me say that, in my humble opinion, America and Europe are in a different situation. America’s always been the “melting pot”… Anyway, TV commercials propaganda is little by little increasing also here in Italy (example: he = black or creole; she = white; never happens the opposite).


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  • This is promotion of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Anyone responsible for this propaganda deserves to be shamed and ridiculed at the very least.

    Liked by 1 person

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  • The most effective way that regular people can push back against this propaganda is to stop giving them your money. Money is the life blood keeping this leaking boat afloat. The Jews are experts at utilizing economic boycotts against their enemies. It’s high time they get a taste of their own medicine.

    Liked by 1 person

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