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Those who don’t fight together will hang together. This truism ousted Italy’s populist leader Matteo Salvini. The former Deputy Prime Minister’s party undeniably holds the affection and trust of the majority of Italians.

But, his nationalist government was replaced by a far-left socialist coalition. Ironically, the liberal-leftists who triumphed over Salvini’s Northern League are mutually hostile. However, they showed impressive maturity in solidarity that resulted in their parliamentary bloc majority.

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In Communist vernacular, ‘the end justifies the means’.  Sadly, there are too few on the right who have sufficient brain cells to work this quite simple and successful strategy out.

The Ethnic-European is non-partisan and is neither a threat nor a rival to any political organisation, news platform or book publishing service. Yet, with just a handful of exceptions our friendly overtures to broad right groups are disdainfully spurned. They wouldn’t recognise a bargain if it leapt out of the river and landed in their frying pan.

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There is no point in asking for a reason as such unforgivable lack of unity is beyond all reason. This immature approach to political struggle has resulted in the ‘right’ being permanently side-lined and deservedly so.

It is gut-wrenching that the broad left with its Jewish and other ethnically joined-up pressure groups ridicule the lack of solidarity displayed by the hapless White ethnic community.

The Ethnic European has always practiced what it preaches. Our news platform, now one of the world’s most successful invites shared links.  But, few on the right care to take advantage of the free offer that will draw attention to their presence. Most of the groups that in a spirit of unity we have linked to our platform refuse to reciprocate. They’ll be deleted in a week.

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There are many rightist organisations and individuals who could prosper by advertising their products or service in The Ethnic European. It is affordable but they choose to put their money elsewhere.

Across the nationalist spectrum, there are talented people with useful skills that are deliberately withheld from us and from others struggling against globalism (COMINTERN).

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I know a graphic artist whose poster and meme producing gifts are world-class. Yet, he withholds his ability because The Ethnic European doesn’t hate the Russian President enough.

News platforms that are outraged at Facebook and Amazon blocks and censorship themselves censor, block and vilify others in the common struggle. One supposedly right-wing news platform is more hostile towards us than are are the leftists. Why? Because The Ethnic European praised an initiative by Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.

When approached, not a single right-wing book publisher responded to a mutually beneficial deal. Then there are those Print on Demand (POD) publishers who could actually benefit from Amazon censorship by publishing censored books but they don’t even reply to business mail.

Amazon encouraes negative reviews

There are those with the skills necessary to create or secure video links, which have a book-selling platform, or the means to facilitate credit / debit card payments. They choose to keep their secrets to themselves and the broad-left clap themselves on their backs.

Could you imagine such happening to a Jewish or Asian platform? The entire Jewish or Asian community instead volunteers their support for those involved in their common struggle.

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And what opportunities are missed? Just one of the 1,435 unique news stories published by The Ethnic European not untypically received 22,000 shares on Facebook alone. The Ethnic European is now more globally popular and is read by more people than those who read shrinking mainstream (slipstream) media.

Unsurprising, mainstream media refuses to acknowledge the presence or the success of The Ethnic European.  Sadly, the same can be said of the broad right.

The Ethnic European goes from strength to strength ~ despite a woeful lack of funds. Our news platform is published and distributed (shared) by unpaid volunteers.

Our news platform’s success triumphs despite it being treated as an outcast by the broad right. Our triumphs are solely those of the mature progressive right, our fast growing army of Ethnic European supporters.

The Ethnic European is based on the loyalty and enthusiasm of its sponsors and supporters. We have achieved everything thanks not to the broad right but to those who gift donations, the wonderful people who share our stories, who buy our books and recommend our supporting bookstore.

It is to these wonderful people, our own wonderful devotees and not the broad right that we owe our success. So it will continue.

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Like all who have known the misery of isolation and sanctions The Ethnic European’s memory will be long and unforgiving.

‘No friend ever served me; no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.’ – LUCIUS CORNELIUS SULLA 138-78 BC.

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  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    These days you don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to find out the tribe who are controlling this world. They are the same ones behind the war on white Europeans that is being ramped up on a daily basis . All the information and the capacity to reach others to alert them to this reality is now at your fingertips. You just have to get your nose out of your beer for half an hour every day and maybe put your hand in your pocket occasionally. The fact that a majority of whites wont do this is the reason we are heading for the dustbin of history. .

    Liked by 2 people

  • Now you may have heard this story but I’ll repeat it as relates to the fickleness of Nationalists. An old BUF member was recounting his experiences in the 30’s and said how one man a regular and generous contributor to the BUF abruptly stopped contributing when Germany invaded Poland. As the BUF empathised with the German position he could no longer contribute to an organisation that supported the invaders of a ‘good Catholic country.’ Obviously he was unable to see the bigger picture (not surprising with the Anti-German propaganda of the time) or realise that half of Germany was Catholic as was most of the NSDAP leasdership.

    Liked by 1 person

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