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German investigators said most of the artifacts were fake. Only 10 objects were found to be authentic.

Jewish organisations and Shabbos goy groups keen to access Jewish funding constantly open galleries that purport to show photograph evidence of ‘Nazi atrocities’. Doing so is a lucrative side-line in a dying business by peasant-catching necroshysters.

However, many galleries and exhibitions are closed after experts reveal that the displays are outright fakes or are modified images, of dubious origin, or have earlier appeared under multiple captions.

A famous image of supposed inmates of Auschwitz, Belsen, Treblinka etc. choose whichever suits your story is, in fact, a photograph of starving Ukrainian prisoners taken before their deaths in a Soviet gulag.


The artifacts were discovered in Buenos Aires in June 2017.

Another depicts an image of infants strapped to a tree by barbed wire. This is a genuine photograph but the original relates to the aftermath of the Red Army during the raping of Germany by the three empire onslaught from 1944.

The crime syndicates dealing in fakery is worldwide and is supported by mainstream media. A trove of so-called Nazi memorabilia that was going to be displayed at the Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires has been found to consist largely of fakes.


Members of the federal police carry a Nazi statue at Interpol headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017

The haul was discovered in June 2017 in a suburb of the Argentinian capital and included a bust of Adolf Hitler, binoculars and war medals. Police seized 75 items at the time and experts have since confirmed that just 10 innocuous items are genuine.

The museum said in a statement that, following an assessment by German investigators, it will not display any of the inauthentic artefacts. Reuters report had earlier reported that the articles were due to go on display in December.

After World War II, many National Socialists fleeing persecution settled quietly in Argentina, where President Juan Perón gave them a chance to start a new life. Today, more than 3.5 million people of German descent live in the South American country.


Police show a bust relief portrait of Adolf Hitler at the Interpol headquarters in Buenos Aires on June 16, 2017.

Dr Stephan Klingen, of the Central Institute for Art History in Munich, travelled to Argentina to examine the objects in March 2018, and 32 other experts were consulted as part of the process.

Klingen told CNN that multiple errors gave the artefacts away as fakes. “The signage of the objects has multiple spelling errors, the National Socialist symbols were used in the wrong context,” he said, adding that Nazi institutions had been given the wrong names on certain items.


A Nazi medical device used to measure head size. Authorities suspect the artifacts belonged to high-ranking Nazis in Germany during World War II.

Ten objects were found to be genuine, but most were pre-1945 objects modified at a later date to add a Nazi connection, said Klingen.

He concluded that multiple linguistic errors suggest changes were made outside German-speaking areas, with a view to selling them to “people who are fascinated by National Socialism.”


A member of the federal police shows a box containing harmonicas.

The museum, which is preparing a new exhibition, put out a statement Friday in response to the findings. “Those objects identified as fakes will not form part of the new exhibition,” it said.

There’s one born every minute: a pair of underpants believed to have belonged to Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun, sold for £3,700 ($4,620) at an auction in Britain in September.

Auction house Humbert & Ellis also sold a gold-plated bracelet bearing a swastika, which (is said to have) belonged to the wife of Hermann Göring.


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  • It is amazing how the tribe manages to insert the holohoax into just about everything. On a rare visit to the TV screen, I happened upon a ‘Who Dunnit.’ It was the hunt for a serial killer in 1930’s Berlin. Both the main suspect (a railway worker) and one of the detectives were members of NSDAP which the narrator continuously mentioned despite its complete irrelevance to the case. In the end the the detectives solved the the case and the railway working admitted his guilt. The narrator ends by saying it was ironic that the National Socialist put limitless resources into catching the culprit while simultaneously planning the murder of millions of innocent people. I wonder who they were. The problem is the viewer is left believing that the whole case was a Nazi plot.

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