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A gang of youths ‘threatened to rape’ (quotation marks imply hearsay) a female driver after the driver asked them to pay for their fare. The 220 Carrigaline bus was halted on the night of October 31st after a considerable group of ‘boisterous youths hopped on the bus.

A source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Cork’s 96 FM Opinion Line the youths called the female driver a ‘racist b****’ (that is racism) when she asked them to pay. The source said: ‘At 10.30pm on the 220 Carrigaline bus a large group of youths of mixed nationalities (coloured), got on the bus and walked past the driver.

‘She called them back and they called her a ‘racist b****’ for asking them to pay. They threatened to beat her up and also threatened to rape her. There was a large presence of Gardai at the scene within 15 minutes and they were all taken off the bus. She was very distressed.’

A threatened physical assault and rape is a serious offence that would normally attract prison sentences yet is airily dismissed by the mainstream as a prank by boisterous youths.

A Gardai spokesperson said: ‘Gardaí responded to a call at approximately Thursday, October 31 on the Upper Kilmoney Road area of Carrigaline. ‘A number of boisterous youths (Again boisterous youths) refused to disembark from a public bus service. Bus service was temporarily stalled but resumed a short time later.’

As a result, they’ve (the bus company) suffered several incidents which have been excluded by the mainstream press. National File recently reported on a ‘troubled teen’ of a foreign background with multiple prior convictions who threatened to infect the police arresting him with HIV.

In spite of a growing backlash towards Ireland’s open arms policies to the rest of the world, the mainstream media has heaped praise on Ireland’s increasingly progressive positions. (invasion and occupation is dressed up as progressive ~ that was not the term used during the English 700 year occupation of Ireland).

NOTE: Clearly, non-European migrants in Ireland and the UK have media acting as their Public Relations team prepared to launder all crimes and anti-social behaviour by migrants.

Imagine how this media story would have been written had a threatening marauding gang of ethnic-Irish men behaved similarly towards a female Asian bus driver. Question: Are you and your innocent families still reading mainstream media?

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  • Hi Mike,I was going to email you and ask you to write an article about the shambles here in Ireland and youve beaten me to it.:) We are starting to see a backlash against forced immigration here and theres been a few Direct Provision Centres that have been prevented form opening because of local people power. I encourage you and your followers to check out Oughterard County Galway, Rooskey County Roscommon,these are small villages in rural Ireland that would have had their populations increase by 25 to 30 % overnight. The latest battle is the people on one of the small islands of the west coast of Ireland called Achill Island,they wanted to send refugees to an island,again the population would have increased by 30 to 40%,its beyond madness at this point. Thank you for all you do Mike.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Stephen, I rely a lot on supporters sending me stories that I can edit appropriately and ensure global reach. I just don’t receive much from Ireland.


    • Clearly “Beyond madness” but very much going according to the plan which is to trigger civil wars in each and every country in Neurope and in “Sam” ’s and ‘Troudeau’ ’s countries in order to distract attention from the largest con-job our world has ever had to pay for since – shall we say? – close to eighty years… now sinking fast. One has to be blind as a bat not to see the all-out offence which is now targeting all of us by means of totally reversed so-called “democratic ‘values’ ”. This Satanic plan will eventually fail… but at what cost to our peoples!

      Liked by 1 person

  • I can’t say I notice much backlash from the people. You are very likely to be ostracised or worse if it becomes noted that you are not enthusiastic about the invasion. The flooding of rural Ireland goes on apace. Even the smallest villages are now being ‘enriched’ and it’s become impossible to avoid seeing these invaders who seem to be everywhere and who walk around as if they own the place. Of course the scum in Dublin who are largely the products of the communist universities fall over themselves in trying to turn us into a multicultural hell hole and the controlled media back them in full. I wouldn’t believe RTE if they told me the sun was going to rise. They are every bit as bad as the BBC, and the so called ‘justice’ system is terminally corrupt. Naturally, the ‘chosen’, who make up a miniscule percentage of the population, are to be found behind every effort to destroy the country. I think that the prosperity of Ireland over the last few decades has made it easier for the traitors to implement their plans. If the country had remained as poor as it was in the 1960s I doubt that the locals would have tolerated this. I think whites everywhere are going to have to suffer real pain before they wake up.

    Liked by 1 person

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