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Eco-consciousness has become a winning multi-billion dollar harvester, but products peddled as eco-friendly often are not. From solar panels to paper straws, many of our supposed environmental saviours are actually making the problem worse.

However, the fight against climate change is poised to make a lot of people very, very rich. The world is expected to invest some $90 trillion in new infrastructure to stave off climate hoax doom over the next ten to 15 years, according to a report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Corporations and manufacturers of consumer products want a piece of the action, with study after study revealing customers will pay more for alleged ‘sustainable’ earth-friendly products.  A third of consumers buy based on a brand’s environmental impact, according to Unilever, with a fifth explicitly favouring green messaging.

Not all products sold as sustainable, however, actually are. In fact, some are worse for the environment than the products they’ve replaced. But there is a reluctance to tear away from the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with doing well for the planet, even when the virtue choice signal is wholly imaginary.

Organic farming, growing food without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, isn’t the planet-saver it’s promoted as, according to a study published in Nature Communications.

Farming certain crops organically, including beans, potatoes, and oats, creates more emissions over the growing course than does conventional farming, researchers at Cranfield University found. If Britain was to be seduced into buying organic it would create an environmental catastrophe, they believe.

Because organic farming yields a smaller harvest per acre than conventional farming, it requires more land to raise the same amount of crops. The report reveals that if just England and Wales were to switch to 100 percent organic farming, five times as much land would have to be cleared for agriculture overseas, with shipping raising carbon costs into the stratosphere. There would be some benefits, soil and water health would improve dramatically without the chemical runoff from conventional farming, but lowering emissions would be impossible without a major shift in diet.

While organic farming represents just 1.4 percent of total world farmland, the industry has mushroomed over the past decade, worth $97 billion annually as of 2017.

Nor is organic food the only green product that is less environmentally sound than its marketing suggests. Renewable energy, hailed as the answer to the world’s petrochemical dependency. Solar power creates no carbon emissions once the solar panels are up and running, but their manufacture is toxic on steroids mess. Produced with the carcinogenic, mutagenic heavy metal cadmium and requiring billions of litres of water to manufacture and cool, solar cells have their own dark side seldom examined in discussions of the impending shift to renewable energy.

Electric cars have become a symbol of environmental progress, with companies that produce them receiving government subsidies in many countries. But more energy is consumed in the production of an electric car than a gas-powered vehicle, and a 2011 study found the carbon footprints of both vehicles to be about the same. Electric cars may not produce emissions while driving, but they’re only as green as the electricity used to charge them. Worse, the batteries they use are loaded with toxic metals like lithium, copper, and cobalt. Mining these substances devastates the environment, and improper disposal of used batteries can cause them to leak back into nature.

Biomass and biofuels sound environmentally friendly, how can you go wrong with bio’ in the name, but it actually generates more carbon emissions than fossil fuels to create the same amount of energy. Substances burnable under the aegis of biomass can include anything from timber waste to garbage, meaning it can burn the atmosphere with pollutants.


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Even the choice of paper bags instead of plastic is not as environmentally sound as most people think. With the knee jerk association of plastic equals evil, people overlook that paper bags generate more air and water pollution than plastic and actually require more energy to recycle. They take up more space in landfills and require more fuel to ship. Plastic bags are not necessarily better; the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a testament to the damage they can cause, but consumers who believe they’re saving the earth by requesting paper bags at the supermarket are misguided.

Plastic is in everything, even in supposedly green products, according to Philipp Sapozhnikov of the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology.

Plastic is cheap to manufacture. Its micro-particles are in cosmetics, in detergent, in exfoliated scrub, even in the ‘environmentally friendly’ one, too. A proposed EU ban on micro-plastics in cosmetics earlier this year sent cosmetic brands scurrying to oppose it, hinting that the billions it would cost the industry would be passed on to consumers.

So why are companies rushing to brand things as green that are anything but? Included in the hefty sucker price tag is the sense that the buyer is somehow making a difference.’ The buyer comes away with an inflated sense of their own virtue without having to lift a finger, feeling like part of the solution to a previously insurmountable problem.

We all have this tendency, if you’re facing a big complicated issue like climate change or saving the rainforest, if you do one thing, like turn out the lights when you leave a room or recycle, it makes you feel like you’re off the hook,’ Andrew Revkin, founder of Columbia University’s Initiative on Communication and Sustainability. I think there’s a big tendency in human nature just to pull back from really big issues, because they require systems change. We’re not going to solve the climate crisis by turning out the lights by buying green.

Brands are allowing people to pat themselves on the back without them personally having to sacrifice anything,’ Will Fowler, creative director for Headspace said in 2017, describing the bull market in corporate virtue-signalling. And this is the essence of green consumerism, reassuring people used to a high-consumption standard of living that they need not change their lifestyle in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Political Elite Live Here

In reality, consuming less is always better than consuming a supposedly gree’ product. But there’s no way for companies to make money from a drop in demand. For all the ink wasted in touting compassionate capitalism,’ unrestrained economic growth is not compatible with reducing humanity’s environmental impact. No country can buy its way to zero emissions (though that won’t stop money-grabbing regimes from trying with constructs like carbon offsets and cap-and-trade that reek of magical thinking).

Its human nature to want to save the planet and the corporations driving the green consumer craze are merely taking advantage of this instinct. But the only thing green about their products is the money spent to purchase them.



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  • Herbicides used on crops can be very dangerous to the human body. The evidence is very strong. Rachel Carson many years ago I showed DDT did much damage to Clear Lake in California. Plastics now in the USA are not being recycled. Many fish are found with plastics causing their death. Glass is very expensive to be recycled into more glass, but grinding glass and using it as cement works very well. About the same with recycled paper. Removing the inks (deinking) from paper is very expensive. Not sure of how good it is to burn paper with those inks, but I would not complain about off color boxes made from waster paper. About 50 years ago, I saw a house made from waste paper at a paper mill in Wisconsin. WE must recycle or the earth will be one large dump.

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    • To David Westerlund.
      As mostly, you speak of sound logic. The problem with the batrachian, however, is slightly different: she is a mere decoy playing the hand of a major criminal to a totally different game. That she, herself, might at the beginning have acted in total innocence, I do not entirely exclude; only she has now, fallen prey to the delights of celebrity and self-importance (hubris)… even the dummest can’t carry on for long without a hint that he his just a tool and serving the interests of these very people buisy destroying the very balance of this planet… for more profit to the astute, extreme, minoritiy of the plunderers (the unmistakable self-styled “chosen” ‘masters’ never accountable for their deeds) and more slavery to their ‘cattle’. Hitler soon realised this, himself (probably once in Landsberg, where he had time to pause and think… but then, of course, he wasn’t exactly a fool. For the batrachian… hard shall be the wake up call to the ugly reality.

      Liked by 2 people

  • Nice pic, the batrachian behind the mic. It triggers one immediate question: are people stage-blind? The creature is a mere double-locked empty cupboard!

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  • It is not the message that is objectionable it is more the messengers.These outraged puppets swap horses with regularity. Today it is ‘climate catastrophe. Yesterday it was ‘LGBT rights.’ The day before that ‘animal rights.’ The list is endless and the same twisted outraged faces staring out at you. At the outset there were some erudite and thoughtful people heightening public awareness in the many ecological problems besetting the planet. Now the circus is in town and we know who is the ring master.

    Liked by 2 people

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