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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has hailed Russia’s role as a stabilising force in the Middle East, adding that the European nation is very interested in peace in Syria in view of the notorious migrant crisis.

‘Russia plays an important role in terms of creating stability’ in the Middle East and Syria in particular, Orban said at a joint press conference with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom the prime minister hosted in Budapest on Wednesday.

Moscow’s role in the region, Orban noted, is not limited to military or political dimensions, adding that the two nations discussed humanitarian aid. ’We are going to talk about how we can together, provide food security and restore Syrian villages, where migrants and refugees could return to from Europe. They need somewhere to go back to. That is our motto, we should provide assistance, we should not add to the trouble.’

Earlier, Orban told journalists that Hungary, and the swamped European Union, would greatly benefit from peace and stability returning to Syria, which has been ravaged by an almost 9-year-long conflict. Left in ruins, it forces tens of thousands of people to ‘go to Europe,’ passing through Hungary in the process, he warned.

Meanwhile, Putin expressed his hope that the goal could now finally be achieved, as the Constitutional Committee, a broad council comprising the representatives of the Syrian government, the opposition and civil society, has started its work in Geneva.

‘I believe that the work of the Constitutional Committee will facilitate the political settlement in Syria,’ the Russian leader said, adding that all parts of the Syrian society can now ’directly work on the constitutional reform, statecraft and sustainable development of Syria without any outside interference.’

The idea for the committee, which would draft a new constitution for the troubled state, was raised in January last year at a Moscow-sponsored peace conference, the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, held in Russia’s southern city of Sochi. Moscow has backed the plan ever since.

Brussels and Budapest have been locked in a standoff about illegal migrants for a few years. Hungary’s Foreign Minister says that his country is very much for the bloc, but it should not turn into a Brussels-centred evaporating empire.

‘We represent a very strong anti-migration policy. We made it very clear that no illegal migrants will be allowed to enter the territory of Hungary,’ Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said. On top of that, Hungary has repeatedly said that ‘we don’t take part in this [EU] quota system of redistribution and resettlement. This position contradicts the policy of Brussels, he lamented, because Brussels would prefer to see the migrants come to the European Union.’

Instead of bringing refugees to Europe to supposedly ’help’ them, Hungary has opted to help the people in need in their home countries. As the 2015 migrant crisis unfolded, Budapest launched a special program dubbed ‘Hungary Helps’ that focuses on providing relief to the Christians living in the Middle East. Budapest has already ’spent $40 million on helping 50 thousand Syrian Christians’ in the region, according to the minister.

Our principal position is the following: we have to bring help where it is needed and should not bring problems where there are no problems.

While such an approach is quite different to the pro-migration, globalist stance preached by Brussels, Budapest is not against the EU, but is actually all for it as the country ’is deeply integrated into the European economy,’ Szijjarto said.

Hungary’s view of the EU itself, however, differs from the mainstream, Budapest believes the Union should be based on the ’strong member states,’ which embrace their ’Christian heritage.’

We don’t want to see an empire being built in Brussels; we want to see a European Union based on strong member states, where national identity, national competence and national sovereignty are important.

The wave of migration has increased the terror threat in the Union, as well as created entire ’parallel societies’ within some of its western member states.’ Szijjarto said.

Over the past few years, several terrorist attacks were committed throughout Europe by asylum seekers. Blaming the increased terrorist threat solely on migrants, however, would not be entirely correct, since domestic radicalisation appears to be on the rise in the EU as well.

That said, Szijjarto bemoaned the emergence of the ’parallel societies,’ composed of a ’loud minority [that] puts daily pressure on the silent majority.’

Crime-infested ’no-go’ zones, where police and businesses are too afraid to venture, exist now in several European countries. Sweden appears to have had it the worst, as major cities in the country, including Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg, have such areas.

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