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Disproportionately, political violence in Germany is fed by corporation-owned media to non-German readers as uniquely a ‘right-wing’ or ‘neo-Nazi’ phenomena. In fact, it is political violence by left-wing extremists that is today tearing apart major German cities.

‘A wave of left-wing extremist violence rolls through German cities, above all through Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig,’ wrote the Welt recently. If we look at the largest police operations in recent months, so confirms a link to the left-wing situation.


Recently in Berlin, 1,000 plus riot cops were inadequate to control ‘violent members of the left caucus scene of massive riots’. In fact, 1,500 police officers from various federal states were in action on the day due to several massive gatherings of the left-wing scene in Berlin.

A demonstration of over 1,000 protesters left Riga Strasse in Friedrichshain looking like a war zone. Under the motto: ‘Against repression and for more freedom’ and ‘for the preservation of the evacuated projects in Berlin’ the situation escalated and deteriorated.

Violent leftists ~ The Untouchables wore masks, pyrotechnics were detonated on the street, whilst innocent security employees of a construction site were attacked and fled. ’Signs and stones were thrown at us. I ran for my life,’ they reported. Non-German media missed the story.

Police officers were attacked with stones and street signs as well as fireworks, including lethal Molotov petrol bombs. Several cars including SUVs were burned out.

Antifa Exposed as a globalist tool

MIKE KAMPF George Soros The Alliance for Global Justice, by 2006 had invested €150,000 in ANTIFA; since $millions. The total income of The Ethnic European, most of which is donated by Mike Walsh’s book royalties ~ is $650 each month. You think this is a fair fight?

At least 19 police officers were injured; there was massive property damage to parked vehicles, a trailer, and a construction site. Three normally Teflon coated Antifa protesters were detained, and several criminal cases for violations of assembly law, assault and breach of the peace were initiated.

For Free Democratic Party (FDP) politician Marcel Luthe, who also sits on the Interior Committee of the Berlin House of Representatives, the situation is clear:

‘As long as this red-red-green coalition refuses to condemn any violence as a means of political conflict, this pack of Riga Street will feel free to attack police and thus our city, our community itself, ‘he said Berlin morning mail.’

Antifa not fascists, they are communists

Burkard Dregger, chairman and domestic spokesman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) agrees: ‘For two years, our proposals for an action plan against left-wing violence have been on the table. Only a few days ago, the Interior Senator and the Red-Red-Green coalition in the Interior Committee rejected all proposals to maintain order without presenting their own concept.’

Building site fencing left without police cover were torn down to get to the container and site infrastructure of the developers. Blows were struck and residents were terrorised. The mention of the CG group in the letter of confession shows the link between a left-extremist scene in Berlin and Leipzig, another centre of radical left-wing violence in Germany.


George Soros sponsored protesters welcome migrants for media photos, for which they get paid.

At the beginning of October, leftists carried out an arson attack on several construction cranes.  The target was the CG Group as a real estate developer, which wants to create almost 300 apartments on the construction site.

Leipzig Mayor calls arson attack a terrorist attack whilst Saxony’s interior minister Roland Wöller (CDU), says the arson attack represented a new dimension of violence.


This welcoming committee for migrants in Germany is a section of the George Soros foundations. Journalists, also sponsored by Soros eagerly show these propaganda pictures

‘I am appalled with what criminal energy the culprits planned and carried out the attack. It was not only deliberately property damage in the millions, but also put the health and even the lives of people on the line.’

Two weeks later, more fires from construction vehicles occurred on several construction sites. Two excavators were torched, two days later in Leipzig-Connewitz a third.  At the end of October, another construction site was set to flames and again in Leipzig-Connewitz, which is known for its left-wing extremist scene. Left-wing protesters are used to being handled with kid gloves by the police and their image laundered by corporation owned media.

When the fire department and police arrived, they were attacked with fireworks, stones and bottles from a crowd that gathered there, and two police officers were injured. A real estate employee was ambushed and beaten in her apartment. Two masked offenders rang the woman, enticed her home to her apartment, ambushed and stabbed her with blows in the face, writes the MDR.

meme the ugliest racist

According to the police, the perpetrators left the apartment with the words: ‘Greetings from Connewitz.’ On the Internet platform Indymedia used by left-wing extremists, a letter of confirming responsibility for the attack was published.  The letter threatened further violence against houses and cars as well as against employees of a construction project of the real estate company.

‘We must be careful that in the current debate about right-wing terrorism, we do not lose sight of left-wing extremism and its contempt for human rights, said Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung.’ The police are helpless against violence. According to the LKA spokesman, no special protective measures are planned. The Leipzig police were already unable to permanently guard all construction sites in Leipzig or protect people who have to do with controversial construction projects,’ agreed the LKA spokesman to the MDR.


Concerned German demonstrators gather to protest at ‘Chancellor’ Angela Merkel’s pro-migrant policies. These ordinary people are labelled ‘neo-Nazis’ by media that launders the image of the far left.


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  • False-flag violence and incitement is reaching hysterical levels in Germany, everything opposite as how they describe it in the MSM. They blame patriots – it is the antifa/communists doing it. The criminals are in charge while the innocents are being criminalized. Alfred Schaefer and many others are in jail for telling the truth, while actual rapists and murderers are being handled with kid-gloves (“they didn’t understand our culture” BS excuses). They are ramping up their agenda, as they are in panic mode about the people waking and rising up.

    Liked by 4 people

  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    Notice how these left wing protesters such as Antifa suddenly pop up any time there is resurgence in nationalism, which Antifa sees as fascism. This rabble are simply useful idiots used by George Soros and his evil crew to create chaos right across the western world. This is the strategy of tension to divide people from each other within nations trying to preserve ethnic cohesion in order to cause a social cataclysm. . .

    Liked by 4 people

    • If even mild investigative journalism was permissible and not unusual we would know that all these groups are financially sponsored, offices, salaries and payment for protests attended. Who ever asked where do these Antifa activists get their considerable travelling and stop over monies? Our Ethnic European is a microcosm and IS entirely voluntary,, exists on just donations ~ mostly mine. It still needs a minimum of €600 a month. Where is Soros when I need him.

      Liked by 3 people

  • Antifa is full of ignorant fools. They stand for all the same things that globalists do.

    Liked by 2 people

  • The Berlin wall was brought down not to make the people “free,” but to facilitate the rise of this new, more insidious destruction that plagues all of Europe and the wider, white world. The true, “God’s Chosen Servant People” must perish.

    Liked by 1 person

  • ANTIFA are the darlings of Trump haters in academia, Silicon Valley and Fake News. Some of these anti-fa groups have received funding from Sorrowful George via the Tides Foundation. For example the Alliance for Global Justice has been a recipient of Soros’ cash.

    These warriors-for-justice feel epic when they smash a window in a Starbucks, ignite a limo. or start trash-can fires. Actually they inadvertently help to promote law-and-order sentiment because when people who aren’t suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome see black-clad goons stopping traffic in NYC and smashing people over the head with baseball bats, they feel kind of threatened and repulsed.

    In other ways ANTIFA is kind of pathetic. I watched a video of a group of masked heroes attempt to explain what motivates them, but it mostly boiled down to insults, threats and leftist cliches. Explaining themselves isn’t something they do well… well with the exception of a female activist who described an assault on Richard Spencer as an act of “pure kinetic beauty.” Go figure.

    Liked by 1 person

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