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Most Lied About 4 Hitler is a spiritual vessel

Despite 75 years of vilification and victors’ propaganda the allure of Adolf Hitler is not going away; in fact, millions of people around the world are now taking a closer and more critical look at the victors’ propaganda spin on the ousted German Chancellor.

Is Adolf Hitler yet another enemy of Capitalism whose persona has become so distorted that the Hitler we see in media is as mythical and absurd as the story of Snow White; a fanciful figment of media mania.

So far, there have been published 128,000 books on the elected and twice referendum approved social reformer (1889 ~ 1945). As an aside, Britain had ceased to be a democracy as there were no British elections 1931 – 1945 whilst there were several and a score of referendums in Germany.

FACT: When the German Armed Forces (not the legitimate government), collapsed under the cascade of three world empires armies on May 8, 1945, Adolf Hitler, the Father of the Axis Nations, was the only prominent WWII leader who could claim to be elected to lead his nation as recognised in international law.

Warlord Winston Churchill was unelected but parachuted into No 10 Downing Street.  Soviet-Bolshevik tyrant Josef Stalin never stood for election in his life and had never legitimately worn a military uniform.  U.S. President Truman; in 1945 it would be a long time before the American electorate would get the opportunity to place him in the White House.

Whilst the latter is a long time dead and largely unknown to generations born after 1980 the popularity of Adolf Hitler is growing and the phenomenon is apparently unstoppable.

An international poll asked the question who would respondents most like to see return to the world. The clear winner was Adolf Hitler with 36,268 votes. Jesus Christ got only 10,155 votes. Da Vinci came 4th, John F. Kennedy was placed 5th. Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt hardly got a mention.

Interestingly, the British Empire evaporated in the dust of World War II. Then, despite the sponsorship of the Capitalist West and its laundering corporate media the USSR began to collapse. The touchpaper was lit at the Polish plundered Danzig (Gdansk) shipyards just 35 years after the 1945 capitulation. The United States in debt to $22 trillion has by now dug itself into a hole and is still digging.

Meanwhile, mainstream media has failed abysmally to convince the world of the innate wickedness of Adolf Hitler the great German reformer.

German Historian Volker Ullrich writing in his biography, HITLER: ASCENT, 1889–1939 (2016) describes Adolf Hitler as Philosopher. The erudite historian Mark Weber reviewed this publication.A spectre is haunting the world, the spectre of Hitlerism.’

In spite of decades of vehement vilification, says author Lawrence Birken, Adolf Hitler’s views have enduring and dangerous appeal because they are rational and well-grounded in Western thought. In particular, Birken stresses, ‘Hitlerism is firmly rooted in the rationalist and scientific outlook of the 18th-century European Enlightenment.’

This is not meant by the palace historian as a compliment for the author is hostile to the European West and its traditions. Rejecting the American and Western historical legacy, Prof. Birken openly calls for a new, mixed and racially regulated America.

For more than half a century, Adolf Hitler and his views have been ceaselessly demonized in motion pictures, on television and in the print media. And yet, according to Birken, the appeal of Hitlerism remains so potent that he claims it threatens the ideal of a racially redefined (multi-racial) America of what he calls a ‘higher unity.

As traditional standards and long-established cultural, racial and religious values come under ever greater attack, and as this country’s racial and cultural crisis becomes ever more acute, Birken fears that those who are unwilling to accept the redefined society that is developing in America and Europe will turn in ever greater numbers to Adolf Hitler’s alternative vision of society. Hitlerism, Birken says, will loom ever larger as a dangerously seductive siren song.


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  • Mike: Again a BEST EVER autopsy of Hitlers goals today.

    Liked by 3 people

  • We love to see our Beloved Fuehrer smile, so opening to the photo at the top of this article made us very happy! Thank you, Dear Mike and supporters! This article is a great blessing to our health and happiness. May that health and happiness all be returned to You!

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    There is no doubt that had Adolf Hitler and Germany been victorious in world war two the international banking scam of debt slavery and endless wars run from London and Washington DC that has plagued this world would have been destroyed .Unfortunately, it was not too be.

    There is no doubt that the changes Hitler and his government introduced showed the full potential of the European people to achieve a high level of civilization if they were united, and not interfered with. Just have a look at western society today. Are we progressing or degressing into a cesspool ?

    Where Hitler failed was when he tried to play overall military commander. He continually ignored the advice of his generals, and the result was a series of disastrous defeats that meant victory was impossible for Germany.

    The view of the mainstream media is locked into endless demonization of the man. You would think that there was nothing positive about him at all. The series produced by ZDF and Guido Knopp in the 1990s is pretty typical of this.



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  • The only organism more vile and more dangerous than the filthy international banker, is the self-serving politician. Germany (Europe) lost WWII due to the two most infamous, perfidious cowards and traitors of the twentieth century, mainly Churchill and Roosevelt.

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  • Most vile?, between Churchill and Roosevelt? My bet would be FDR.

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