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Blatant anti-White mainstream media: If a single coloured person is subjected to abuse from a frustrated ethnic-European it makes worldwide news. Yet, wherever ethnic diversity is imposed, despite protests from indigenous ethnics, ethnic-Europeans run a daily gauntlet of abuse by coloureds. Anti-White racism is ignored by media and shrugged off by the indifferent state police.

Women in the Irish town of Carrickmacross, County Monaghan say they are afraid walking the streets of Carrickmacross due to large gangs of migrant men congregating around the town.

Last Year, the Department of Justice paid Trenthall Ltd paid out €934,000 of Irish taxpayers money to find accommodation for asylum seekers in the Monaghan and Cavan area. Knowing of the contract beforehand, Dublin’s political elite were quick to invest and cash in on the treacherous move.

Women in the town say the situation is now unbearable. An online petition for action has gathered almost 1,500 signatures in the past three days.  Many women have been taking to social media to express their fear and experiences of life in the town.

Nichola McCrudden wrote about how she was sexually and physically abused:  ‘I moved to Carrick to build a life for myself. I had taken up a permanent job in a local primary school. I had settled well into Carrick, I got involved in local initiatives, etc., and life was good. Little did I know I would go out on a night out with friends to end up getting physically attacked and sexually abused.

I have no problem sharing my story so to make a difference. Why should innocent people suffer in silence and feel unsafe in Carrickmacross? Our town is not safe anymore. I walk up and down the street to go to work every day and should I really have to cross the road to avoid all sorts. I am not from Carrick originally but I do have memories of visiting this town. It used to be a lovely place to visit. Today it is a different town altogether. Please everybody put the awareness out there.’

Emma Gollogly wrote ‘I work late many evenings, walking up to move my car even at 7 p.m. from the car park to in front of the office is often scary lately. Last week one evening I finished at 10.40 p.m. and my car was right outside my door, yet with the gangs sitting on steps next door I did not feel safe. I am also concerned that a young lady was attacked in recent weeks and yet it seems hush.’

Maria Murnaghan wrote: ‘I feel very unsafe even driving up the town the way they all look at you as if we did something wrong. I never go to the Bank of Ireland as I feel so intimidated and unsafe with the large groups of them everywhere, especially across the road.

A young woman was badly attacked on the street, the woman’s name does not need to be said but that attack was disgusting, what about my daughters, your children, as a parent it is our job to keep them safe but when you don’t feel safe yourself what effect is it having on them.

They (migrants) need to get out of our town, they are sitting on windowsills, spitting on the ground in front of me, no wonder I cross the street and drive almost everywhere, county councillors stand up and take notice of what we’re saying and do nothing about it’.

Grainne Morgan: ‘I moved to Carrickmacross almost 10 years ago and loved the town up until recently. Now I won’t even go up the town and certainly won’t take my kids up the town with the group of males (I don’t want to say migrants or refugees as I’ll be branded racist) hanging around in gangs. It’s very intimidating. I don’t feel safe in Carrickmacross anymore. Sad day when you don’t feel safe in your own town’.

Philip Keegan wrote about the begging in the town: ‘I’m very concerned with the way our town has changed in such a short space of time. You only have to look outside the courthouse on a Wednesday morning to see that the change is not for the better. The begging on the street is ridiculous also. It’s time to draw a line in the sand before it gets worse.’

Figures from the Department of Justice show that at the end of June, there were 7,018 asylum seekers being accommodated around Ireland, 6,082 asylum seekers in 39 permanent centres and 936 in emergency accommodation such as Bed and Breakfast and rented housing, the figure is forecast to increase to approximately 7,700 people by the end of the year with the total spending on Direct Provision expected to exceed 120 million.

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  • “Blatant anti-White mainstream media: If a single coloured person is subjected to abuse from a frustrated ethnic-European it makes worldwide news” – that is so true!
    Why don’t we rebel all at once and drop that scum of the earth on authorities’doorstep? Where is our pride?

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