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Britain lawmakers, the judiciary and police have created a string of barriers apparently designed to deter women from reporting rape and violence. Statistically, those who prey on women and girls are now comforted by the thought that the chances of their being convicted for rape or sex-related offences are minor.

Official statistics show that only 1.4 per cent of those accused of rape are convicted. In other words, an assailant could attack 98 times before there was a likelihood of him being convicted and receiving a fine or suspended sentence.

Such is the formidable hurdles placed before female and male victims that the police and prosecutions ordeal faced by those seeking justice is far worse than the crime itself.

In 40 per cent of cases, victims of rape drop out of investigations due to their being obliged to hand to the cops their phones and PIN numbers, allow access to their social media accounts, and reveal their medical records.

Another 14 per cent of cases end because of other ‘evidential difficulties’, even when the alleged rapist had been identified and the complainant is courageous enough to pursue justice. To make the pursuit of attackers even more difficult 9 per cent of those accused or suspected cannot be traced, according to the police.

Campaigning activists say the state is failing to address crimes causing lasting harm to victims and letting the overwhelming majority of serious sexual offenders get away with it, without even facing trial.

Harriet Wistrich said: “If they were concerned by virtual decriminalisation of rape they would be seeking to do everything possible to put measures in place to reverse this very disturbing trend, instead of taking a confrontational approach to the litigation we are bringing.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) blames the police for referring fewer cases for its consideration. It adds that the CPS is restricted by a code stating that it can only prosecute where there is a realistic prospect of conviction.

Fewer cases are going to CPS from police, from 4,370 last year to 3,375 this year, but more cases are falling out of the system because of CPS charging decisions. The pursuit of rapists is hampered by a vicious circle of institutionalised discouragement. The reason is likely to be due to England and Wales 122 prisons being already overwhelmed with over 80,000 prisoners and unable to cope with more.

The research suggested tens of thousands of rape cases were dropped by victims before the charging stage because police investigations were worsening their trauma. One woman who was raped by a stranger said she withdrew her complaint after officers claimed they would not be able to charge the suspect without examining the entire contents of her mobile phone.

“It made me very angry, it made me feel like I was the one on trial and they were trying to seek out ways it was my fault,” the victim said.

Another, who faced the same demand despite the Metropolitan Police identifying her attacker using DNA, said the investigation felt like one intrusion after another.

Bonny Turner, who waived her anonymity described being questioned for five hours at a police station and called the investigation completely re-traumatising.

Crime is now out of control in Dodge City Britain. This leads to the victims increasingly taking the law (and justice) into their own hands. Statistics released by the Home Office on Thursday showed prosecutions dropping for every crime type, following warnings of a justice crisis.

Only 3.3 per cent of all sex offences resulted in a charge or summons to court in the year to June, 5.4 per cent of thefts, 7.8 per cent of violent crimes and 7.1 per cent of robberies. The prosecution rate for all crimes dropped to 7.4 per cent from 8.7 per cent the previous year – a fall of 41,700 offences.


MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 63 book titles with 36 years experience. Like other journalists of integrity, he no longer writes for corporate media, opting instead for true journalism.

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  • Of interest would be income of ladies where rapes went to trial and ethnic group i.e. jew ladies? In the USA I know a few ladies that have been raped by their doctor or dentist.

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    What the British elite are doing is letting the country become lawless. Rape of white women serves to destroy the race and this is exactly what they want. The elite can hide behind their high walls and their bodyguards, and in their gated communities ,but the rest of the people are fully exposed. Its also no surprise the jails are already full, as its British government policy to create criminals and throw them into jail . All part of the Zionist/masonic war on white people.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I can understand why jewish elites are going along with this. They hate whites and want them erased from existence. But the white elites who support this behavior are insane fools if they think that living in gated communities is a desirable or sustainable outcome.

      Liked by 2 people

  • I repeat I don’t watch much television. However, if in the room at the 6pm I will watch the BBC news. Over the last week at least, and before the news begins, the BBC have been advertising a transvestite/transgender beauty contest playing on iplayer. Up to 6pm there are mostly children’s programmes, so you must assume they are aiming this programme at them more than an adult audience as they could adverise this ‘pageant’ later. Let’s not pull are punches here, the BBC is a disgusting and degenerate institution as are the advertsing regulators and the government for allowing this broadcast. I also notice that when a rape case is featured on the BBC news it alsways involves a white man. The number of Himalayan tribesmen who have committed rape (and allegedly much worse) in their tens of thousands rarely if ever get a mention. Even on the day that the white rapist was in court, a Himalayan tribesmen working as a security guard in a major High Street store was in court for demanding sexual favours from young teenage girl shoplifters as payment for letting them off. Did you hear that on the 6pm BBC news? Snow will fall in hell first.

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  • I have to disagree if the idea is to reduce evidential standards to facilitate an elevated charge and conviction rate. The UK have done this with the so called historical abuse cases so that all really that is required to achieve a conviction is a sob story usually without any real evidence. The only evidence required in practice, albeit never admitted, is an allegation from an anonymous individual where there is, in practice, no equality of arms because the defence in hamstrung in only beiong able to ask nice comfortable questions e.g. the complainants moral character if off limits for examination almost always. The accused in named but, as stated, the accuser remains anonymous.
    The current legal sysytem in relation to “hsa” seems to serve the purpose of arming women who seem to have been weaponised against men. We do not want the safeguards to protect the innocent accused our ancestors devised on account of their belief that it was more important to aquit the innocent than to convict the guilty, to be disgarded in rape trials the same as it has been with the historic sex abuse witch hunt.
    We also need a more head driven less heart driven jury system. We should have a jury pool of hard headed, successful men rather than the current situation of hysterical women with dyed hair or drug addicts desparate to find the man guilty so thet can leave the court house to get their next fix.
    All cases should be proven in practice beyond all reasonable doubt. The only chance of doing that if the only evidence available is the word of the accuser is for the defence to lay in ruthlessly to the accuser who is named. Or a kinder option may be for an inquisitorial approach.


    • DNA testing similar to our President Bill would be strong evidence. He said, she said, they said is the holohoax compared to forensic, chemical, logical evidence.

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