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A race riot (media calls it a brawl) involving up to 80 coloured youths has wrecked an Airbnb travel company’s property at Box Hill in Melbourne’s east. 9News has obtained exclusive CCTV footage of party-goers holding blocks of wood as they sprinted from the property.

Dozens of alarmed residents woke to the sounds of fighting and party-goers screaming abuse at police, who were trying to disperse the crowd in which not a single ethnic-European face could be seen.

Police arrived in force to Ashley St, Box Hill North early on Sunday, November 17 after a disturbance broke out in front of a house where a party was being held.

Victoria Police spokeswoman woman Nikki Ladgrove said police shut down the riotous party about 6am and moved up to 80 youths from the area, arresting one coloured female for not providing proof of identity. NOTE: Mainstream media are world-class at describing non-European males regardless of their age as ‘youths’.

“The house sustained major internal damage and police are investigating whether items were plundered,” she said. She said no injuries were reported from the fracas.

The insurrection comes after an out-of-control mob of ‘youths’ caused chaos in Mont Albert North in September when a party at an Airbnb property turned wild. Media’s ‘man on the ground’ press teams never feel the necessity to ask coloured youths why they ‘brawl’.

Others took to Facebook to report police dealing with commotion in their streets, saying they saw police vehicles across several streets, as well as a circling helicopter.


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