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Self defence is no offence

As the government and corporate media sponsored migrant tsunami floods Western Europe, concerned Europeans gloomily realise the police and courts are not on their side.  Whilst politically correct police ingratiate themselves with migrants and their organisations the same cops crackdown on dissent by the people of the popular will.

To add to the woes of native-born peoples, any initiative to self-protect is deterred by the state police and state courts. Neighbourhood patrolling is described as vigilantism and condemned by corporate media, discouraged by the police, and harshly responded to by state judiciary. As a consequence, native-born Britons and European nationals, Americans and Australians are left defenceless ~ or are they.

The law does not differentiate between an offensive and defensive weapon although a knife or cudgel, for example, serves both purposes. However, if you are stopped by police and found to be carrying what they regard as a deterrent it is automatically considered to be an offensive weapon.

Whilst non-Europeans such as migrants are notorious for arming themselves they’re far less likely to be attacked by native-born Europeans than the other way around. Conversely, corrupt courts will deal with migrant offenders more leniently than they do with Whites.

Such double standards encourage coloureds to arm themselves whilst at the same time the disarmed native-born White is intimidated and defenceless they venture out without personal protection. Is there a solution?

According to Michael Walsh, author of EUROPE ARISE, there are plenty of alternatives to guns, knives and clubs that are far less likely to get you into trouble with the police and courts.

The first thing to remember is that in the United Kingdom the onus is on the police or DPP to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the carried item was a weapon and likely or intended to be used as a weapon. This can be virtually impossible if the arrested persons keep their mouths closed other than, ‘I can explain but I prefer to do so to a court of law’.

Concern and disappointment will flood the cop’s face as it is now his thankless task to decide if a charge and prosecution by the DPP are viable, which is unlikely.

In Europe, which falls under Napoleonic Law, the onus is on the arrested person to establish their peaceful intent; it is not the responsibility of the police or courts to presume threat or purpose.

Never carry a weapon such as a knife, spray or club when venturing outside. If searched or arrested you will be charged with carrying an offensive weapon even though its purpose is likely defensive.

How can you legally protect yourself?  Ironically, the deadliest weapons are perfectly legal; these include debit or credit cards which firmly held and used as open razors can and will open an attacker’s face.  House keys can be used as knuckle dusters by inserting one’s middle finger through the key ring. Yet, it is perfectly legal to carry such items.

The beer or soft drinks bottle you carry for refreshment, especially if broken, can cause far more damage than can a knife.  A tightly rolled-up newspaper is lethal if its blunt end is used as a truncheon’s stub end for delivering punching blows to an attacker’s face, groin or private parts. Such were used by British Army servicemen in situations where they were disarmed but otherwise vulnerable.

Many cyclists and motorcyclists use heavy chains and padlocks to secure their transport, garden gate, shed or dog. In fact, the authorities encourage their use. Given a little forethought, it is easy enough to offer an explanation as to why you were carrying such a chain that is available from any locksmiths and can be bought by the metre. Furthermore, the chain is easily disposed and without fingerprints which leads to the theory, will more use such a weapon in preference to the knife?

Most would rather face a knife, that can be dodged, than a heavy chain which when swung cannot be parried nor defended against.  Furthermore, a knife will inflict a wound whilst a swung chain will virtually remove an attacker’s face. The reason for your carrying a chain is far easier explained than is a knife, gun or club.

Finally, what can be more innocent than you discovering in your pocket a domestic pot of pepper or bottle of iodine purchased from the chemist for your bathroom cabinet? Few people or dogs for that matter would relish either being hurled in their face.

‘Since 1968 I fought the left, media, migrants, the courts, in-fighters, political elite; but the struggle for funding was the most soul-destroying.’ ~ Michael Walsh.



MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 63 book titles with 36 years’ experience. Like other journalists of integrity, he no longer writes for corporate media, opting instead for true journalism.

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  • Very thoughtful article. An old man near here swears by the tactical flashlight he always carries on his person.
    I, myself, have no real particular views on this matter. However, I was talking to an old lady of a philosophical disposition who stated her beliefs to me whilst we were engaged in conversation that the individual citizen in under no moral compulsion at all to obey the law just because it is the law. I was intrigued and enquired why.
    Her view was that one has an obligation to behave righteously such as by obeying the Ten Commandments but that the citizen is absolved the obligation to obey the law, he would otherwise have, on account of the law’s failure to fulfill its obligations to the citizen in affording him the protection the law has an obligation to provide. She spoke of the social contract concept of the philosopher between governed and government, and how the governments failure to honor its above mentioned obligations in this regard absolved the citizen his.
    She stated that one may well comply with the law for the exact same reasons one may comply with an armed robber when the armed robber demands your compliance in handing over your valuables to him namely on account of his being dangerous rather than his possessing a moral right to that he lays claim to. In her view the law possessed no moral authority it was just dangerous. She spoke, in justification of her position, about abortion and about the states theft of the liberties she held dear and about disrespect for property rights on the part of the government. She was absolutely against the welfare state and considered it nothing short of theft to finance welfare from immoral taxation.
    She stated that in a savage society (for she does not consider the US a civilized country) every man is a law unto himself and may defend or avenge himself with the moral hinderance of the law. So her view was that morally a man mat defend himself but that it is hard for him to disregard just how dangerous is the law and the law may well compell obedience not because of any moral claim it has but only because it is dangerous.
    For some reason I walked back from the park where we had had this conversation thinking of the Quakers and there view on self defense. Idly on my computer back home I looked at George Fox the founder of the Quakers. I noticed something rather interesting about his appearance especially about his nose when viewed in profile. I was not sure that he looked particularly like an Englishman.

    Liked by 2 people

    • George Washington warned us about government (and it is the government that makes the laws):

      “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence,—it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”

      Liked by 1 person

  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    Very good advice in this article . There are indeed many ways to defend yourself without running foul of the law. What white Europeans are facing today is a multi headed war against them. The globalist scum that are flooding white nations with third world migrants want to encourage attacks on white people to create fear and to demoralize. In this case whites have every right to fight back using whatever comes to hand. .

    Liked by 2 people

  • If there is one thing that can bring Afghanis, Iraqis, and Iranians together, it is raping white girls.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And that’s what happened Yesterday during the feminists march in Paris:

      The left-wing, pro-migrants feminists women yell “Death to the Fascists!” against the identitarian’s women of the Collèctive Nemesis and their placards where there’s written that the great number of rapes are committed by immigrants.

      About self-defence: I think the best of it starts with an appropriate outfit: a very good pair of shoes (because you’d need to move quickly and/or to run fast) and most important (at least, I mean, during autumn/winter) is wearing a good leather jacket, not too soft, which preserves you from knife cuts. Not only the Keys could be used for self-defence: a common pen would fit as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Adhere to the Gray Man Philosophy. Be prepared, yet inconspicuous. A good pair of tactical-style boots will offer a lot of versatility. The boots will allow you to move quickly while offering protection and adaptability throughout diverse environments. A strong, load bearing belt is another excellent choice as it can be used to carry concealed weapons and assist in survival situations. Another recommended item is a tactical pen. The aforementioned pens are legal just about everywhere and can be used for self-defense as they’re extremely strong. For those who live in jurisdictions where it’s legal to carry self-defense knives, an excellent option is a fixed blade as they can be deployed quickly.

        Liked by 2 people

  • If self-defense were truly deemed as an offense, does it mean that if those of us who disagree, go and attack and assault anyone who so believe; and that they, as a consequence of their beliefs, would offer no resistance whatsoever, lest they break “a law”?


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