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While corporation-owned media headlines describe any who despise Israel’s hate crimes against the disarmed Palestinians as anti-Semites a poignant Calvary of homeless mourners dragged their battered bags and suitcases filled with their worldly possessions into Trafalgar Square’s church. They did so to draw attention to and pay respects to London’s rough sleepers who have died on the British capitol’s streets.

Nearly 150 people are known to have perished sleeping rough last year in London alone; the average age for women to die was 43. Many lay dead for hours before they were found.

! ! 100,000 children in UK homeless

Today, a vicar who provided the service at last week’s memorial service at St Martin-in-the-Fields urged busy Londoners to stop and care, as he recounted the heartbreaking story of a rough-sleeper found shivering on the church steps draped in a flimsy baby blanket for paltry warmth.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows 148 people died on London’s streets last year, the UK’s joint-highest proportion with the north-west, and 126 of them were honoured at the service. Their names were read out, as they received dignity in death through the data-gathering work of Clerkenwell’s Museum of Homelessness and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Stop the migrant invasion MEME

Museum co-founder Matthew Turtle said: “In our research we regularly see situations where people die from entirely treatable conditions.”

Amid eulogies at the service there were performances by homeless opera singers and choristers, bringing tears to many eyes with a cover of This Is Me from The Greatest Showman film.

Tents were erected at the altar as a memorial, including one belonging to a man known as Sparky who died inside in Regent’s Park. A sleeping bag was also arranged on a crucifix bearing Christ’s face depicting a homeless Jesus.


The Rev Richard Carter, the associate vicar for the mission at St Martin’s, which supports the nearby Connection outreach centre, said:

“Each one of those people we remember has a name, they were all given dignity at birth, and all had hopes and joys and fears in their lives. We’re seeing more people in need than we’ve ever seen before. If everybody just stopped and cared, brought somebody who was homeless a cup of tea, or if someone’s hungry gets something to eat for them, treat people like human beings and you’ll feel more human too.

Bevin on the Tories

“There are mental health problems, problems of addiction, problems of people who are facing great loneliness or who are just unable to cope with the stresses of life, and they’re coming into our churches all the time because they’ve got nowhere else to turn.

“There was a man on the steps the other day and he was absolute shivering with the cold, he was in a baby’s crochet blanket. It was pouring with rain, he was wet to the skin and he was almost suffering from hypothermia, just trembling.

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London has fallen


! 14 million live in poverty

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A Worst Poverty Rate in Europe


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  • Homeless: In Portland OR, USA on my i$rael Truth quest, I meet many homeless. All have a problem with working. Would it be better to have work they must do, force them to stay in a building, feed them like in the 3rd Reich? All people on this earth should contribute what they can. You ask, what about the gas chambers? YES, the 3rd Reich had gas chambers BUT only to kill lice that the dirty homeless had on their clothes, etc.

    On the other side of the problem, we have the upper 1% that control 85% of the wealth in the USA. (I don’t have figures for the upper 5%, etc.) but they are taxed the same as the average wage earner today in the USA. In 1950 they were taxed 90+% of their income, and when they died, 50% of their wealth was taxed.

    This N(j)ew World Order started a couple centuries ago with the Rothschild’s, but today it is in full swing with the jew controlling the money, laws, media and you name it all over the world. Homelessness is a minor problem, the jew is the major problem in the world today and an increasing problem daily. I’d like comments on what we in the middle of the spectrum can do?

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  • A world or nations who can´t take care of their own is divided by less than good purposes and I think we must stand up for each other to be whole again.

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  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    What can we do about this growing poverty???. Well firstly there is no need for all this poverty. There is plenty of wealth around to meet everyone’s needs. Poverty is done on purpose by the jewish oligarchy to destroy white people and kill us off in our prime. . There are basically a dozen jewish families that rule this planet through all the global companies they own, along with the banks and media and the bought and paid for politicians. These people like the British Royals are basically gangsters.

    Boycott the jewish media , and films, boycott the jewish system of liberal democracy , boycott jewish owned companies. Bring their system to its knees. Why should we make these bastards rich when they are screwing us . Help your fellow white brother or sister who has fallen on hard times any way you can. Educate the masses about the evil system we live under and why they are being made poor and homeless!!!!. .

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    • Wealth must be earned through labor, not doing morally wrongs. The best system I have read about was the 3rd Reich. Should we boycott jews like David Cole? The jew World Order of today must be exposed, but it is in our system. In 1951 I was a senior in high school and it was required to read “The Wall” about the jew Ghetto in Warsaw, so the jew was already requiring we pity them. Today holohoax teaching is required. The USA is in a free-fall to slavery by the JWO. Maybe Hungary is turning around and Europe is seeing the problem, but certainly NOT in the USA. It does seem like 15% jews, but statistics say 3%. WE need to unite in ideas, groups to try and stop the jew.

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