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The globalist-inspired calamity that transferred South Africa to inept Black rule has wrecked the nation’s economy and torn apart the nation’s once peaceful ethnic-diversity. There are few positives to emerge from the train wreck but every cloud has a silver lining.

The U.S. faces an aging farmer population, larger and changing agricultural operations and a lack of workers willing or skilled to perform farm labor. On the other side of the world ethnic-European farmers, suffer genocide by racist Blacks which is ignored by mainstream media.

Politically it’s not declared asylum, but White South Africans face discrimination and persecution, job prospects are dismal, if not impossible, and violence specifically targeting farmers.

Meeting their needs is the U.S. H2-A program that began in 1986 to provide seasonal farm labour from foreign workers. The process is lengthy, expensive and risky. But, but as South African farmers face uncertainty more are finding a zone of opportunity.

USA Farm Labor is a workforce agency based in North Carolina. It was founded in 2003 by Manuel Fick, a South African who saw a need for skilled farm labourers and knew where they could be found. His dream was to build a connection between South Africa and the U.S. They started with 40 clients; today they have 450 farm clients and place around 1,000 workers per year of which about 800 are South African.

Young farmer holding ripe corns

Charlie Boatright works in worker placement for USA Farm Labor. He says the H2-A program continues to grow nationwide, due to the shortage of agricultural workers. H2-A requirements state employers must advertise and hire U.S. citizens before foreign workers. Boatright says, ‘Without exception every client I’ve ever visited with says, ‘Charlie, if I could hire a local worker I’d do it in heartbeat but they don’t exist.’

Filling this glut is a nation technically advanced as most South African farmers use similar equipment and systems to that in the U.S. In addition to having farming experience the majority of the South Africans are educated with a high school and often college degree and all speak English, as it is a required second language.

Gert Lubbe has worked in the U.S. for three seasons: The H2-A program allows an employer up to a 10-month window of need, during which they can employ foreign labourers.

Lubbe is currently part of a Minnesota-based harvest crew that has made its way north combining wheat, and plans to return to a former feedlot employer in Montana in December. H2-A workers can transfer between seasons for up to three years before being required to return to their home country.

Lubbe grew up on a farm in South Africa that has been in his family for 150 years. He says he is in the U.S. because there are no jobs or opportunities in his home country.

‘Times have changed, it’s difficult as a European to find a job in South Africa. Lubbe says a policy called Black Economic Empowerment requires employers to offer a job to a less qualified Black person even if a more qualified White person applies.

Boatright says one US Farm Labor applicant he worked with was a highly-educated college professor seeking work through H2-A after losing his job because he was European. The policy is driving a lot of Whites to leave and seek employment in other countries, not just the U.S., added Boatright.

‘Our farmers are not safe anymore,’ says Lubbe. ‘Some of us whose parents are farmers are encouraged to work over here. As landowners, we don’t know what the future is going to hold.’

‘The irony of the land seizures is that those who are taking the land are not keeping them in production. They take our farms, but they don’t actually do anything with them. It happened just down the road, they take the farm then they just sell the implements, and a year later you have an abandoned piece of land that had been worked on by generations and generations of families.’


Lubbe says he enjoys his work in the U.S. and the money is good, and who could argue that travelling around the country with a harvest crew, driving an 18-wheeler is a great gig for a single 20-something. But the adventure of the present is still clouded by an apprehension of the future.

‘I don’t know what I’m going to do someday. Everything is basically going to scratch in South Africa. I have a farm to inherit, but I don’t know if it is going to be mine? The thought of returning to raise a family seems dismal’.

‘I don’t know if I have a future in South Africa for myself or for a family,’ says Lubbe. ‘That’s why I’m scared to find someone and get married there. I don’t know what’s going to happen to my family, or to everyone else. At the moment we just have to trust God and hope everything will turn out as it’s supposed to be.’

As the U.S. political system struggles to mould the H2-A program into a solution that fits the changing needs of the industry, and farm confiscations continue on the opposite corner of the world, a group of young men enjoy a 4th of July rodeo in Terry, Mont. They stand out among the jeans and cowboy hats in khaki shirts and shorts, yet fit in more than most. In a town with a population less than 500, they are known on a first-name basis, admired and liked, and have quickly integrated into the social fabric of the community. Like this story? Share it with a friend. 


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  • Mike: What happens when our politicians in Washington DC read this article? Our USA laws will change to require the farms to hire Norte Americanos FIRST. It is The N(j)ew World Order which the So. Africans saw in it’s infancy 120 years ago, during the Boar War. The Dutch women & children were farming while the men were fighting The Bloody Palmy Bastards (British) under orders from the Rothschild’s and such. The enemy at the top is the jew puppeteer operating the show. “There’s no business like shoah business”

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  • Where ever the White man go he creates invention, progress, safety and stability. Where ever the black man goes he offers nothing but incompetence, laziness, violence, crime and a don’t care attitude. Blacks are so desperate to move to white areas within a nation of to white countries because it is only by relying on white people that they can survive outside of a hunter gatherer existence and when there are no whites a black nation or area will descend into crime, poverty, corruption and anarchy.

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  • Great! The the Americans essentially get educated, non criminal Mexicans they can have on the cheap. Better to learn basic Russian and look to a permanent home with decent Christians.

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  • The white South African experience is part of the learning curve for all whites everywhere. We can only depend on ourselves for our future. The other races are either our enemies or competitors for the resources of the planet. Unless, we stick together as a race we will be destroyed separately. One hopes that these white farm workers have learned the harsh realities of racial differences. When I was last in South Africa in 1993 I was amazed at the apparent naivety of the whites who had agreed to hand over power to the blacks. I even predicted to them then that what has actually happened would happen. Centuries of struggle, ingenuity and discipline all sent down the drain by a gang of stone age savages. Of course the jew was the hidden hand behind the whole fiasco. This most highly evolved parasitic life form is responsible for so much human suffering and death and cultural and environmental destruction that there will never be peace and spiritual progress on earth until it is dealt with.

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