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WHEN IT COMES TO HOLOCAUST DENIAL the Australians sure take some beating: There was much irony in Australia’s Governor General David Hurley being the first foreign head of state to arrive in Israel to pay homage to those who allegedly died in Germany’s internment camps during World War II.

Despite attempts by many Australians and even politicians to gloss over the brutal colonisation of Australia, there is no denying the crimes against humanity that continue to take place.

Australia Holocaust

From the earliest years of the invasion, there are countless stories of massacres handed down from generation to generation. There are settlers records found in old journals and letters that give grave insights into those early years. Some of the worst crimes against humanity happened right here in Australia. Complete communities wiped out by gunfire, herded off cliffs, burned alive and poisonings by the use of strychnine which is widely regarded as one of the most excruciating ways to die. A Queensland station owner had 40 sets of Aboriginal ears nailed to walls.


Sadly politicians do get away with their efforts to gloss over this early history. Australia’s education system also does little when it comes to highlighting these atrocities. ANZAC Day still forgets the documented Frontier Wars even though the War Memorial states the day is about remembering all wars.

Something far less easy to hide and gloss over is the trove of images from around the turn of the century, a time when Australia was supposedly “young and free”.  But these images show that life for Aboriginal people was more about genocide, incarceration and slavery.

Australian history

In recent years, Indigenous Facebook pages have been trying to share these images with the international community. However, our voices often fall upon deaf ears. Many of the following images contain images of Aboriginal men and children in chains who were often chained up by the neck and sent to Aboriginal concentration camps.


The images highlight Australia’s history of genocide and slavery. All of this history as well as present-day issues are often suppressed in Australia and subsequently overseas as well. Now that the truth is being recognised internationally, will there be any pressure for justice to be served for the theft of a continent and an on-going attempt to wipe out our culture and rights?

Will we see international sanctions imposed on Australia, similar to those imposed upon South Africa? The argument that all this happened under Britain’s rule is not true. All of these images are from after 1901 when Australia became a nation. The neck chains were used well up until the 1960’s and only used on our people.

Neck chains were used while Aboriginal men were marched from their homelands into prisons, concentration camps were known as missions and lock hospitals or forced into slavery. Women were also forced into slavery as domestic servants.

Aussie Slaves

The oppression continues today. In recent years, the United Nations have handed down multiple scathing reports on Australia’s lack of effort when it comes to improving the shocking rates of suicide, incarceration, health and education. Australia doesn’t even bother responding to these reports any more. There is no pressure for them to do so. They have created the perfect strangle hold on our existence as they try to force us to assimilate into their toxic and destructive society.

Aussie Black History

Today, the Australians even choose the date of British invasion (Jan 26) to celebrate Australia Day. Maybe Israel should send a delegation to Australia (or Palestine) to condemn attempts to wipe ethnic groups from the face of the earth, but things don’t quite work out like that. Like this story? Share it with a friend.

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  • Regrettably all true! . as age 3 . came to OZ as a refugee from Austrian-Moravia . now Czech Republic . from which we were dispossessed . of all of our possessions (under the “Wilson Plan”) . we were German speaking . from the Sudetenland . thus the world lurches from one human catastrophe to another . via the big powers machinations . controlled by the banksters . OZ is also under their control! . the UN being their cutout . Agenda 21 -30 . Is there no peace anywhere . on Satans playpen . for normal peaceful people . of whatever skin colour .
    You are of Irish heritage I recall . they suffered greatly under the “Empire” . many came to Australia!

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  • The Jewish Way:

    Division has always been one of the main weapons in the Jewish arsenal. As the Jew book says turn father against son, brother against brother, etc., etc.

    In Europe the Jews did it skillfully. Turn English against the Irish. Turn English against the French. Turn French against the German. Turn Russian against the German, and so on, add infinitum. Regrettably because white people have had no real sense of racial solidarity (mainly civic solidarity), whites were ‘easy pickin’ for the Jew.

    Just look at World War 2. Jews were able to stampede the Aryan cattle from the New World and the UK into Germany to kill their racial brothers and sisters – yes, who were also Aryans.

    It does not help our battle against the Jew to condemn the English for building an Empire, the Germans for creating National Socialism or the Russians for accepting Communism, the Americans for Black Slavery, the South Africans for Apartheid, Australians for treatment of the aboriginal. To do so puts us in the hands of the Jews. Division will always be the Jews main weapon against men and women of European descent!

    Dr. William Luther Pierce said it best, “when I see a black, I might see a welfare bum, an HIV infected rapist or a murderer, but I might also see someone who pays their taxes, keeps their lawns tidy and works hard. But it does not matter what I see because I know the society the black wants to create for his people is not the one, I want to create for mine.”

    I do not wish anyone any harm, but I only care about my people, white people, men and women of the west. What happened in Australia might be uneasy for some to accept, but again I only care about the welfare of my people.


    • Well, that is where we part company, Tom. Civilized people cannot just ignore or trivialize real injustices, be it what was done to the Germans during and after WWII, or what was done to the aboriginals in Australia, or what is being done now to the people of Palestine, Syria and Yemen.

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      • Why is it always the duty of the white man in the present age to pay for the sins, alleged or otherwise of his ancestors?

        Why are we as a race required to save everyone who is not white?

        Why should Americans who never owned slaves be forced to pay money to black people who were never slaves?

        Let me tell you something about life in Western Australia in the early days. Water was a scarce commodity, as such it was as precious as blood. The water table tended to be about 30 feet below the surface. To obtain fresh clean water the settlers had to dig wells. The aboriginals would throw dead kangaroos or dead emus down the wells to poison the water, in the vain attempt to get rid of the settlers. Once poisoned the well was useless for weeks, and the carcass of a rotting kangaroo or a rotting emu would make any well in the immediate vicinity totally useless. Distances between Perth and the outback are huge – empty, arid land; land that is unkind to both man and machine. It would be equivalent to driving from Warsaw to London without any water in between.

        Another fact that is not well understood is that Aboriginal’s belong to clans which can be loosely called tribes. The land used by one nomadic tribe is off limits to members of another tribe. There have been many cases of one Aboriginal clan killing the members of another clan for having walked onto their tribal land.

        Another fact not widely known is that women in traditional tribal Aboriginal society are second class citizens. It is very common to see Aboriginal women being beaten by male members of the tribe for some transgression.

        Another fact, there are places on the land that are for Aboriginal men only. Any female Aboriginal caught on the land is killed by the traditional method of clubbing to death or spearing.

        I spent many years in WA in remote locations living with Aboriginal both full-blood and half cast, so I speak from experience. I was good friends with a prospector who was one of a few whites to be inducted into a tribe (clan). I saw a lot, was told a lot and heard a lot. Do you??? I could write a book on my time in and about central western Australia but in today’s age of PC it would be called racist! So as you might now see the Aboriginals are not as innocent as the Jews might like to make them to be.

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      • Obviously not the ‘noble savage’ as depicted by romantics.


      • Mike, no more or less noble then the so called elite white men-women . we are all victims of our culture-upbringing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Let’s fast forward to the present time. It would help the white man (and woman), if we would not wreck other countries as has been done since 2001. Why do we have so many “refugees” trying to get into Europe? This blog here has already addressed what Moammar Ghadaffi predicted would happen if the NATO ousted him from power in 2011. This refugee crisis is in part blow back for so-called regime changes in Kabul, Baghdad, and Tripoli, and the proxy war attempts at regime change in Syria and Yemen. The refugee crisis is also in part due to the psychotic self-hatred so many white folks suffer from (former commie Merkel is a prime example).

        If you do not want to pay reparations for past abuses, fine. But, white people do themselves a bad turn when they destabilize other regions of the globe. As well, poverty in sub Saharan Africa has been addressed on this blog. Africa, rich in resources is being looted by corporations from American and Europe.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Larry, but the fake Khazar Jews . the non Semitic Khazarian Mafia . running Israel-the world . through Usury . say they are not White ” they are Jewish” ! . the psychopaths-parasites . as usual. want it . which ever way it suits their agenda! . they have always accused the “Whites” of everything they do eg slavery was . still is a dominant source of the white Khazar-Banksters income . they do not care what skin colour-race they scam . Mammon-Lucifer-Satan . is their god! .


  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    I would have to agree with the sentiments in the comments above, but not with the article. Displacement of indigenous people happened everywhere white Europeans settled. It was essentially the House of Rothschild which is the jewish money power that drove the process of colonization, because of their insatiable greed for resources and wealth. The ordinary British people just like the white Australian, by and large got very little out of the “Empire”. However, whites got to die in droves in the wars that this beast system created and still creates.

    Australia is truly still a colony of the anglo Zionist establishment residing in the city London. We have no independence at all . Anyone in Australia who thinks the country or they themselves are free is a fool .Our flag still carries the Union Jack rather than the rightful white Southern Cross on a blue background proving we are a colony.

    The documentary The Secret Country was made by John Pilger who has not lived in Australia for thirty or more years. He is a great journalist in many ways and on many issues, but on the aborigines he gets it wrong.

    Billions have been spent by successive governments on aboriginal welfare, land rights, compensation etc. However, the welfare of aborigines has not changed much. in years. They still have a much higher incarceration rates and a higher level of social disfunction , family breakdown, alcoholism and white people are not responsible for that. In general aborigines, are a low IQ people who have a totally different view of the world from whites. Many of todays “aborigines” are heavily mixed with whites and their identity is even more conflicted.

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  • Aboriginals in the Modern Era

    Let me tell you about recent times. The location is Nhulunbuy on the Gove Peninsula in the Northern Territory. The land is traditionally owned by three clans, but only one clan gets royalties off the operators of the Bauxite mine. And under traditional tribal law they do not share any of the money with members of the other clans. Here we are talking about millions of dollars.

    Back in 1994 I saw Aboriginals walking the streets of Gove with thick rolls of $100 notes. And many had no idea what money was, all they knew is they could exchange it for alcohol or cigarettes. On one occasion I and a friend went to do some fishing, but to get to the fishing spot we had to traverse about 300 meters of bush land, and walk very carefully just in case a salt water crocodile was moving in the opposite direction. We came upon a tree which was surrounded by a refrigerator, a TV and a hi-fi system. There was absolutely no way of powering the appliances but that did not matter. The Aboriginal lady who was sitting beneath the tree did not care. She had what the white-fella has, so that makes her the equal of the white fella.

    It is a well-know fact that the average IQ of a full-blooded Australian Aboriginal is 67, and the whiter they are (quarter, half etc.,) the higher the IQ. I say these things not to offend, but rather to inform. The only way we can genuinely help these people is to accept reality – they are a Neolithic stone-age people 100’000’s years behind us in evolutionary development. They will always be intellectually challenged, and the only way to change this is to make them less Aboriginal by cross-breeding with other races. Of course this defeats the whole purpose of preserving their identity as a unique race of man!

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