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Russian President Vladimir Putin is undeniably a shrewd strategist. Unlike the West’s political pygmy-class, Vladimir Putin is able to deal with crisis whilst simultaneously calculating the effects of his future strategy.

Both Putin and his Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov recently conceded that the findings of genuine (revisionist) historians are legitimate and should be permissible.

Their fear is how the peoples of Russia and the Western democracies might react should they discover that everything they had been told about Adolf Hitler, The Third Reich and World War II was the propaganda of the victors?

Holohoaxers milking the undead

Has the Russian President opened Pandora’s Box by engaging Poland in a foul-mouthed spat over whether Poland in 1944 was occupied or liberated by the Red Army? Ukraine’s Jewish President Voloydymyr Zelensky got in on the revisionist act by claiming that the USSR ignited World War II.

The outcome is that Putin has unwittingly or shrewdly catapulted World War II revisionism onto the world’s breakfast plates. Real history (revisionism) is now fashionable and is now in the public domain.

Holocaust cos u cant make dosh out of

When President Putin and the world’s most powerful foreign minister; when Haaretz and prominent Israeli historians question exaggerations and distortions relating to the holocaust, it is time to ask, ‘is it game over’.

Haaretz says holocaust denial (disbelief) has become a global and accepted internet phenomenon. The news platform adds: ‘This approach had the added anti-Semitic bonus of arguing that ‘the entire world, and Germans and Palestinians specifically, were the victims of a gigantic Jewish hoax’.

James Bacque 1

It is true: a CNN poll in 2018 found that a fifth of French adults under the age of 34 had never heard of the Holocaust, compared to just five per cent in Occupied Germany. Another poll found that 31 per cent of adults in the United States thought two million Jews or fewer were killed.

A recent poll in Italy found that in the past 15 years the number of people who rightly believe that the holocaust never happened has increased five-fold.

Outside of Europe and America’s knowledge of the Holocaust drops even further. According to an Anti-Defamation League poll of 102 countries, most people in the Middle East, North and sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia had not heard of the Holocaust. Of those who had, substantial proportions in each country thought it was either exaggerated or a complete myth.

Holocaust Didn't happen CLE 1Clue

This leads to the million-dollar question. Public scepticism in the holocaust is at an all-time high and it is gathering momentum. Haaretz laments that cynicism in the holocaust propaganda unites the far-right, the far-left and the Muslim world.

How will an awakening world respond to their learning that it has been duped by history’s most successful scam? Then there is the vexed question, what happens when after being called to account Israel is obliged to return or compensate for the hundreds of billions in reparations that have funded world Jewry for 75-years.

Of many questions posed, who will compensate the hundreds of Europeans who have been persecuted, fined and imprisoned for investigating holocaust-related fraud?

This question has already been raised in Russia. There, revisionist Roman Yushkov was awarded 50 thousand rubles ($800) in compensation for his being persecuted in connection with his right to publicly claim that the holocaust is a scam sponsored by politicians dependent upon Jewish patronage.


This was the result of Murmansk writer Anton Blagin’s article, ‘Jews! Return the German money for fraud with Holocaust six million jews.’

The latter article was penned after having checked the original records, Blagin discovered that Jews had not been held at Auschwitz which internment facility was specifically built for non-Jewish inmates.  Like this story? Share it with a friend.

Holocaust Card


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  • Mike: This one tops them all. How can we get this one to Alfred Schaefer in prison with the ghost of The Greatest Man of the 20th Century?

    Liked by 4 people

    • I agree, David…. and to other gaoled opinions. I can think only of printing it off and posting to to him, but would the prison authorities permit him to see it? I doubt it.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Of many questions posed, who will compensate the hundreds of Europeans who have been persecuted, fined and imprisoned for investigating holocaust-related fraud? 

      Liked by 4 people

      • THE “…hundreds…” should be compensated from the funds of those that put them there, NOT the taxes of the German or in some cases French or other countries where the laws put them in prison. The judges that put them in prison, should be put in prison, serve at least equal time,all their possessions taken, and more . Germany should be compensated for all the money they have given to i$rahell occupied Palestine. Oh, so many injustices in this world, all with jew roots. “When will we ever learn: WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN?”

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      • Rothschild,Schiff,Warburg,Oppenheimer,…etc?

        Liked by 5 people

      • Probably noone but I’ve experienced very bad domestic violence and ended in gaol.


  • Mike and David, it is hard to say whether the article would be allowed through or not, but I encourage you to send it in a letter anyway. It is totally unpredictable, which guard is on duty opening the mail, the mood of the day, all quite arbitrary. But Alfred does say to please not send anything that has the image of a swastika on it (that ancient symbol of strength, light and prosperity). That will definitely be stopped. The reaction to those kinds of symbols in Germany is literally Pavlovian. Oh… and how high can my dog Pavlov jump?

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    The Holohoax fable will be like East Germany; here today and gone tomorrow. Any story built on lies will go Even today thanks to the efforts of a lot of brave people, including Alfred and Monika Shaefer, the fable is on its last legs. It has mainly been the Germans and German diaspora who have taken the hit to demolish this scam.

    The reason the jews keep flogging the holohoax , is of course as people have stated- the shekels. Without massive loads of shekels the state of IS RA HELL would be dust. Also ,many Zionists would not be able to commit their crimes against white Europeans such as forcing non white immigration on white societies if the critical mass of people understood the real story about World War 2.

    The real story is that for a brief moment ,Germany threw off the chains of the jewish debt slavery. For that “crime”, the German people were carpet bombed, genocided, and demonized forever. No person of European blood can rest until this lie is defeated.

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  • IS IT ANY WONDER that the zionist Jew selected to head the 9-11 commission PHILIP ZELIKOW’s main area of expertise is in the field of public policy, particularly in the framing of history to serve state policy and the formation of public myths, or “public presumptions.” JUST LIKE THE MOUNTAIN OF BULLSHIT CALLED THE HOLOCAUST. SAME PLAYERS, SAME MODUS OPERANDI.

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  • I am convinced there was no holocaust though I am no expert. Difficult to prove a negative but it is proven to be so so unlikely.
    There is no doubt that the J**s are an awesome people and although I recognize that our interests are in direct opposition to theirs I cannot but help having a lot of admiration for them. I think that we Europeans are the real chosen people through our immense achievements in science, the arts, literature etc still there is no doubt that the J**s are something not just special but truly awesome.
    Their biggest shortcoming I think is their almost infinite ambition in this world of finite possibilities and resources. Is this not why they always eventually overreach themselves? I think so.
    We may consider their terrible power of the purse a result of their having in their possession and under their control a metaphorical golden egg laying goose.
    If I had a goose that laid golden eggs boy would I take good care of that goose. The J**s do not seem to take good care of their golden goose though which I think is foolish.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Tom Smith: Are you saying you admire an ethnic group that has told the 1st and 2nd greatest lies in history i.e. god’s chosen people and 6 million jews died in gas chambers during WWII? Both proven lies, but both still believed by most people as jews also control many people’s minds through media, banks and politics. Where were you educated? USA public schools? Do the jews still control your mind?

      Liked by 4 people

      • No I guess that I don’t admire that. Telling lies is considered by good Europeans as being something ignoble; something degrading, especially when done for monetary gain. I guess that we have that luxury because there is enough of us that we can be open about things whereas the J***s being so small in number have to use other methods and deceit to achieve the great things they have achieved.
        But what I cannot help but admire is their awesome achievement such that this tiny ethnic group of 14 million have under their control all Western governments. That is something never done before.
        I am of English descent so admire the British Empire yet I realise that that Empire is small compared to the power of the Hebrews. The Empire was in any case partly a marriage of Hebrew money and Aryan daring.

        Liked by 3 people

  • Great job, Michael!

    Liked by 5 people

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    • To nbakay: This sounds like US president O’Bama saying his father helped liberate Auschwitz. Auschwitz was totally liberated in January 1945 by the Soviets with NO ground help from the USA or any other ally. IF any nuclear plant or heavy water existed there, it would NOT have gone to the USA for the USA development of the bombs on Japan.

      Mike, your comments always appreciated. My feelings: False stories hurt the Holocaust Truthers aka Revisionists and named by the jews Deniers.

      Liked by 1 person

      • david westerlund Have you read the contents of the post in my blog about the U-235 on the U-234? I suggest you read it first before you post a comment.


      • To david westerlund: Also read about the Buna or Uranium? in that blog. I suggest you read the whole contents of that post for you to understand it fully.
        Thank You…


  • There was a holocaust (no capital letters). The problem since WWII is the Jews have done everything they can to discredit their misery by trying to cash in on suffering. Why is there a holocaust museum in over thirty nations? Some of which were not even a participant in WWII. Why are there holocaust museums in nations that had nothing to do with attempting to destroy the Jewish population? Because the Jews are cashing in on their misery and suffering which makes them the evil ones today. AND people wonder why they were so hated in 1920’s and 30’s Germany? Their behaviors created a lot of enemies and as far as I am concerned, they have not learned a lesson. They are creating much more hatred through the dissemination of hate and lies.

    Liked by 2 people


    Great information! The Zionist have great plans to rule the world.

    Liked by 2 people

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