When mainstream media is notoriously selective about which crimes against humanity they publish whilst censoring holocausts for which their masters in parliaments were responsible, it is our duty to do what mainstream media chooses to censor.


The slave trade between the Dark Continent and the Americas is well chronicled. But, for reasons that defy logic or explanation England’s enslavement of not only its own peoples but those of Ireland hardly get a footnote of history mention.

Perhaps it is the scale of the horror. More likely the reason is in disbelief that any nation could treat its own peoples as savagely as did England. Comparisons can be made with the Bolsheviks and certainly, the horrors of the Gulag Archipelago defy belief. But, the tens millions of martyrs were victims of a different ethnicity to their own. In this is perhaps the explanation. What is harder to understand are cruelties inflicted upon peoples who in appearance, culture, religion and blood are the same as one’s own?

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The Irish slave trade began when James II (1633 – 1701) sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World…

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