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Before being transferred from ethnic-European governance to the globalist banking cartels, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) was Africa’s most prosperous nation for all ethnicities. Forty years on, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, installed by the self-styled democracies, has brought about devastation on a par with that of Eritrea and Somalia. It is unlikely that this once rich and fertile part of Africa has ever been so impoverished in its long history.

The legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent the Anti-Christ, War, Famine and Death. A fitting description of what much of Africa is today since the end of European colonisation.

! SA Farming in Rhodesia Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe today marks the 40th anniversary of its nationhood against the backdrop of economic crisis and widespread food shortages.

In December, the UN World Food Programme reported that almost half the population face food insecurity. An estimated 5.5 million people in rural areas face starvation through famine. Some 76.3% of children in rural areas live in desperate poverty.


Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Inflation in December 2019 hit 521.20%, the highest rate in the world. With outstanding foreign debts of $8 billion the country’s president, which it simply cannot pay, Emmerson Mnangagwa vainly made a fresh appeal for international funding last week.

The failed state’s desperate plight has not made Western headlines. However, many remember when the BBC, ITV and mainstream media crews with their hacks formed the vanguard for the globalists’ insatiable appetite for control (not the same as extraction) of Africa’s natural resources.

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Michael Walsh, who visited and worked in over a score of African nations, scalds those responsible for the death of yet another nation and the crucifixion of its African peoples.

‘I hold responsible Westminster’s political class, the scurrilous MP Peter Hain and his ilk, and mainstream media globalist campaigns spearheaded by the despicable BBC and its tribal left-wing journalists. Also responsible, the Church leaders, the since evaporated Anti-Apartheid Movement cabal, and the race-hating royal family too.

! Robert Mugabe and Margaret Thatcher

What a mess they left behind them. I hope their afterlife closely resembles current life as Africans now suffer in what was once the breadbasket of Africa. The West’s political class and its on-message media fawned upon the vilest dictators ever spawned in hell.’

After the handover to globalism (banking Bolshevism), corruption began to impact negatively on the Zimbabwe economy. Then there was the brutal war on the Ndebele minority in Matabeleland which lasted four years and which cost the lives of tens of thousands of Africans.

! Mugabe, Archbishop Canterbury fetes African killer

Not a single BBC or ITV crew was to be seen during these tribal massacres, there were no campaigns by The Guardian, that acted as a bull-horn for the globalist sponsored African hating Anti-Apartheid Movement.

President Robert Mugabe, who called himself ‘The Father of the Nation’ embarked on a programme of land seizures. Farms were illegally seized without compensation, taken by African peasants totally clueless about farm management. The result was a catastrophic fall in agricultural production. He himself lived in a palace dubbed the Versailles Palace of Africa.

! ! Where is Zimbawe Capital

Wall Street managed Zimbabwe was one of the worst-hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Life expectancy, which had been 60.72 in 1985 when Rhodesia was governed by ethnic-Europeans, plummeted to 43.73 by 2003. In 2008 there was a cholera epidemic in which thousands of Africans died another cholera outbreak in the capital Harare killed at least 50 Africans in 2018.

The Guardian quoted one resident who said ‘Water has been a problem in this area for years. In the ten years we have been here, nothing has been done’.

The Guardian neglects to point out that the newspaper acted as the public relations department of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to Rhodesia. Karma, the US owned Guardian like Zimbabwe is a shadow of what it once was. Technically bankrupt, every spun news story is accompanied by the rattle of the begging bowl pleading for donations to keep the Guardian going.

The best 40th birthday present the world can give to Zimbabwe is a fresh start ~ or what about an apology and a fast rewind? Like this story? Share it with others.

Rhodesia will never die


2. A Rhodesia Poem

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