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PLEASE SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  The total destruction of the German city of Dresden in February 1945 has never been justified. There are squalid attempts to downplay the numbers of martyred civilians. Over three days of infamy, 1,249 USAAF and RAF bombers removed from the face of the earth a once-great city. The holocaust, to give the inferno its proper term, is falsely claimed to have led to the loss of 22,000 to 25,000 lives.

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Such figures are so absurd that those who recycle loss of human (civilian) life amounting to less than 100,000 should be handed long prison sentences for defamation of the dead and holocaust denial.

The fact is, whatever their losses in the RAF and USAAF, those responsible for the quite uneccasry carnage, compared with the stoicism of the defenceless German population below, were cowards. It was, in their own words, terror bombing for the purpose of instilling terror.  There is nothing heroic about that.

Apologist would have us believe that 1,249 bombers, each of the bombers armed with high explosive bombs, incendiaries and outlawed phosphorous bombs, accounted for the incineration of just seventeen civilians?  Red Army soldiers with Kalashnikovs accounted for more dead civilians than each of the allied bombers?

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Common-sense, a formula that palace-publishers never waste their time with and think we won’t either, exposes the propagandists whitewash.

Records reveal that before the outbreak of war the population of Dresden was 650,000. Records go on to reveal that in 1945, the population was 450,000. So, what happened to the 200,000 people no longer living in Dresden?

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By late 1944, the armed forces of three world empires, British, Soviet and American, had all but overwhelmed a nation half the size of Texas.  Dresden was an undefended city without means of contributing to the war effort. For this reason, many, included hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from the American and British armed Red Army also added to the distressed city’s population.

By any estimate, it is perfectly reasonable to assume a population of 1.5 million mostly defenceless civilians was present in Dresden in February 1945.

The entire city was consumed by flames as a consequence of day and night carpet-bombing by the RAF and USAAF. The most cursory glance at postwar pictures of Dresden reveals a catastrophic panorama of total ruination. Yet, we expected to believe that so few people died their numbers wouldn’t wouldn’t fill a small town’s sports stadium?

Subterfuge and deception, fake news, a state media, censorship and armies of palace publishers ensure secrecy of the history’s most horrific holocausts.

Collage Witness to History with captions -12

There is the usual excuse that ‘they, the Germans started it’. Not so, WITNESS TO HISTORY by historian Michael Walsh (Amazon) holds a compilation of concessions by British and RAF commanders that admit it was Britain, not Germany that initiated the illegal bombing of non-strategic cities.

This treacherous strategy was used to draw Reich attention from Bolshevik Russia. It is acknowledged that London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry and other British cities were sacrificed to save Soviet cities.

The British who died in retaliatory bombing raids died not for Britain or their country’s way of life but they did suffer and die for the terrifying Soviet Union and its abhorrent way of life.

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Yet Dresden was only one of the hundreds of European cities and towns cremated by the Allies. When on April 4, 1945, the City of Kassel surrendered, of a population of 250,000, just 15,000 were left alive. The All Lies Invasion by Mike Walsh.

Airbrushed from the palace publishers story is the account of the equally horrific total destruction of Hamburg, one of the world’s most cultured, Christian, ancient and architecturally beautiful cities in the world (see video).


DEATH OF A CITY by Michael Walsh details the effects of carpet bombing on a civilian population in such horrifying detail that caution when reading is recommended.

The horrendous allied attacks on Hamburg between July 24 and August 3, 1943, reduced to rubble more than 6,000 acres of Hamburg. An estimated 100,000 people lost their lives. When a thousand-year-old city of 1,000,000 souls is incinerated with the loss of so many lives what effect does it have on survivors?

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An official German document states: ‘For weeks afterwards eyewitnesses were unable to report without succumbing to their nerves and weeping hysterically. They would try to speak, they would break down and cry: ‘I can’t stand seeing it again; I can’t stand it.’

Many weeks later, a woman who did survive was interviewed. She had still not recovered from the experience: ‘I saw people killed by falling bricks and heard the screams of others dying in the fire. I dragged my best friend from a burning building and she died in my arms. I saw others who went stark mad. The shock to the nerves and the soul, one can never erase.’

The Police President of Hamburg reported: ‘Its horror is revealed in the howling and raging of the firestorms, the hellish noise of exploding bombs and the death cries of martyred human beings as well as the big silence after the raids.

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Speech is impotent to portray the measure of the horror, which shook the people for ten days and nights and the traces of which were written indelibly on the face of the city and its inhabitants. No flight of imagination will ever succeed in measuring and describing the gruesome scenes of horror in the many buried air raid shelters. Posterity can only bow its head in honour of the fate of these innocents, sacrificed by the murderous lust of a sadistic enemy.’

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Martin Caidin is one of the world’s leading authorities on military science subjects. The high-ranking U.S. Government official was an expert on bombing effects and author of many related books. He described the bombing of Hamburg as: ‘Standing out as the worst of the disasters visited upon civilisation during the insanity of the Second World War.’

The incineration of Hamburg is not a story for the faint-hearted. It is, however, a story that needs to be told so that now and in the future war and profiteering from war is the only enemies of mankind.

And you believe

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MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 64 book titles with 36 years experience. Like other journalists of integrity, he no longer writes for corporate media, opting instead for true journalism.


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  • Bryan O'Driscoll

    The really depressing thing about these atrocities is that the vast majority of white people around the world remain unaware of them and will most likely always remain so. Even many British people of the generations that were alive then cannot conceive that their country was on the wrong side during that catastrophic war. The unending propaganda has made it almost impossible for them to even consider that what they have always been told about the war is a lie, even as they gaze at the ruin of their country and civilisation, at what their supposed victory has brought them. Some of us like to think that the truth will win out but when one observes what history demonstrates that seems unlikely. Down through the ages millions of honourable people and their societies have been destroyed by forces of evil and the wrongs done to them have mostly been forgotten or ignored or even twisted to indicate that the actual victims were the perpetrators. I suppose that the best we can hope for now is indifference from the younger generations to the lies and propaganda of the last century. Even with all the effort and expense that has been put into promoting the holocaust hoax it seems to be losing its potency as time passes because the newer generations, even if they believe it, fail to see its relevance to their times. There is little doubt that most white people would change their attitude and behaviour if they discovered the extent to which they have been lied to all their lives. However, there doesn’t seem to be any great increase in the numbers of those who have reached that state. The crimes committed by the ‘good guys’ in Hamburg, Dresden and elsewhere will continue to remain unknown to the great majority.

    Liked by 5 people

  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    This is an important story to keep telling simply because the “holohoax is still being rammed down our throat 24/7 these days and the media drown out anyone with a different story. It is a fact that the allied powers Britain ,America and the Soviet union won the Second world war because they were prepared to discard the rules of war and target civilians.

    The bombing of German civilians and the destruction of that country’s cities by the R.A.F and the American airforce was the key factors that secured the allied victory
    ,because they destroyed the German labor force. The same culprits then became judge ,jury and executioner at Nuremberg when they tried their defeated enemy leaders and then wrote the sanitized history afterwards.

    I don’t quite agree with the above comments that people will remain ignorant of the real reasons for the war and the lies told ever since. Just as the holocaust story has been demolished by the internet, the legitimacy of WW2 is being questioned in many quarters. That has to be a good thing.

    Liked by 2 people

  • These outrages cry out to Heaven for justice.

    Another blogger recently wrote about Memorial Day in the US (just celebrated this past weekend). She pointed out that the American soldiers and sailors and airmen who died in foreign wars did not die to preserve America’s freedom or democracy as these were never seriously threatened in any of the wars that the US participated in during the past 150 years. These military men died fighting in imperialistic wars that were not necessary.

    We need to keep fighting to get the truth out, although at times it can be trying and frustrating. So few individuals are in the fight for truth today that we cannot afford to lose any to despair.

    Liked by 3 people

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