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Adios, España: The worst ending for a good King

Falling book sales and fewer gifts means a 50 percent reduction in news stories. Thanks for understanding.  Please share stories on social media. Never miss a story: Bookmark our page or ‘Follow My Blog’ right-hand column scroll down Visitors welcome to visit  BOOKS or BUY FROM  AUTHOR The abdicated King Don Juan Carlos leaves Spain after agreeing to a statement

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Yet another night of bloodshed in London alone as five men are gunned down across the capital in just seven hours. Five men were shot in the space of seven hours as London was rocked by another night of bloodshed. The latest violence saw gun attacks in Hackney, Brixton and Croydon while the capital sweltered in suffocating heat.

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Genocide Role-Call of Dishonour

Those hooked on mainstream media firmly believe that the Germans were the worst mass killers in history; indeed the only genocidal psychopaths set on exterminating entire peoples. The dreadful irony is that such propaganda is now conclusively proven to be untrue. The alleged holocaust is today so convincingly debunked that its only protection is the imprisonment of investigators who challenge the official narrative. When the prison cell replaces debate you can be certain that the case made is full of holes.

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In just 4 months Spain has lost the wealth of 14 years and added 3.4 million workers were added to the unemployment figures. The state-sponsored and media promoted COVID coronavirus sinks Spain’s GDP by 22% in the second quarter.  It is the greatest political misjudgement in history unless the economy was pushed. The country enters a recession for the third time since 2008 but a recession that is the most calamitous in Spain’s history.

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