It was the last waltz for Europe and the last dance for humanity. Had one of Europe’s oldest, most successful and popular royal houses not been destroyed and consumed by New York-based banking houses the world would likely have been a far better place today.
Instead, in 1917, American-Jewish banker Jacob Schiff backed by U.S. and European governments, in alliance with scores of supra-corporations, financed insurgents like Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Jacob Sverdlov, who by violence toppled the legitimate government and royal dynasty of the world’s largest country.
The same globalists tried to seize war-ravaged Germany in 1918 – 1920 but were beaten off. The Russian Revolution was no more a revolution that was the later seizure and toppling of nations like Syria, Libya, and Iraq by the same messianic globalist tribe.

As consequence, the world’s largest gold reserves and mineral and material wealth harnessed to…

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  • It is certainly the last waltz for Western Europe unless the Western European people get some courage. But, Eastern Europe will have none of this invasion crap. Hungary and Poland will not open their borders to masses of what can best be described as anthropoid rubbish. If I’m not mistaken, Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia have also stopped this invasion from their countries. It appears the less Liberal a country is, the more common sense it has.

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  • david westerlund

    Nothing is written on the common people in Russia before 1918, only the opulence of the Czar Nickolas II. How were the common people’s living conditions, compared to the royalty? Perhaps a revolution was necessary, although THE revolution that happened made things worst I have read.

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    • Most lived very much as in Europe and the US. A three-tier class society normal at the time. 90% of the peasants lived off the land so were self-sufficient; nothing do with the government. There has never in history been a royal family more in touch or loved with the people. Princesses were nuns and nurses. Read Slaughter of a Dynasty ~ for real history.

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