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We Europeans are race-conservationists. Separate development is natural whilst race-mixing (race hate) promotes ethnicide for all races and ethnic groups. Wherever diversity is promoted there is widespread disharmony and violence. None of the inter-racial problems that plague the decadent West are experienced in countries where the indigenous peoples are respected.

Mixed race couples experience increased family estrangement. Their children feel that they’re neither one group nor the other, which is cruel. Some of mixed race are genetically unable to benefit from medical life-saving procedures accessible to those of one race. How can anyone bequeath such misery on their children?

Are Japanese and Jews, Chinese or Africans racist for preferring their own kind.  Liberals and media never call them racist, advertisers don’t pressure non-whites to form off-ethnic relationships and politically correct cops never arrest non-Whites for racism.

The globalist West, bull-horned by media, wage constant wars that result in the death, displacement and miseries of millions of non-Europeans.  They are the haters, the real racists, not Europeans whose only wish is to defend their heritage.

Most peoples respect European culture as we Europeans respect theirs. We travel abroad to admire not to hate. Non-Europeans are shocked at the betrayal of Whites by their deceitful ruling elite, corrupt media and anti-white police, all of whom slobber over non-Europeans.

Intelligent Europeans resent being singled out for this grotesque globalist social engineering experiment. No one of right mind welcomes white genocide. We invite the understanding and support of non-Europeans in our struggle against race hating globalists who destroy ethnic groups by race mixing and through wars.  If your own nation’s natural resources and wealth is being bled dry, blame the globalists not working-class ethnic-Europeans who share your suffering.


Holocaust denier is a media slur to demonise those who investigate holocaust-related fraud.  Such crime costs taxpayers billions; holocaust related fraud is widespread and condemned by academia many of whom are Jewish.  Fraud is fraud ~ yes, when Jews are guilty of embezzlement and blackmail too. Fraud demands curbing not protecting. Stop imprisoning fraud investigators for revealing their findings.


According to a study published by the Journal of Peace Research, 164 million people were murdered by government during the 20th century. Holocaust-denying media censors or downplays Capitalist / Communist ethnicide of 70 to 100 million Russians and Europeans.

The Daily Mail’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is American-based. The paper has published an astounding 4,649 holocaust related stories but not a single exposure of verifiable holocausts such as the Red Terror, the deliberate ethnicide of 13 million ethnic-Germans after WWII, etc.  Whatever your views, are you comfortable with having your thinking manipulated by media and treated as fools?


During the 20th century, two brother wars and the scourge of Asiatic Bolshevism created an estimated 200 million ethnic-European martyrs.  Since 1945 multiple conflicts have added to the needless toll of young White lives.


Government-funded family planning programs from hamlet to cities. Couples led to believe that even two births is anti-social. Free condoms handed out, marriage is discouraged whilst barren homosexuality is promoted. Then, taken for fools, we’re told immigrants are needed as we are not replacing ourselves.

One can’t turn a newspaper page or switch on TV without being drowned by government-sponsored race-mixing propaganda. Relentless race-mixing propaganda is aimed exclusively at White people. You don’t see race-mixing adverts in non-White media. Every ethnic group is slobbered over whilst White critics are mocked and dismissed as a racist or white supremacist.


Since 1900 the ethnic-European population has reduced from 2 billion to 1 billion. If we do not unite and act then the remaining 1 billion Whites will share the fate of the Native Americans, Aborigines and Aztecs.

THE ETHNIC-EUROPEAN is politically non-aligned. If your party or organisation promotes the interests of ethnic-Europeans we are happy to share links.


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Dissident author and historian Mike Walsh has been described as a literary Wikileaks. A freelance media writer and columnist for 35-years the journalist and author of 64 books writes and broadcasts solely for liberated alternative media.