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THE ART OF ADOLF HITLER by Michael Walsh MW188

Artworks by Adolf Hitler command higher prices than those of celebrated artists.  Here is a collection of over 150 of Hitler’s paintings, watercolours, drawing, and sketches. Twenty-one chapters provide background; each picture captioned and many first time published. Images include landscapes, architecture, exterior and interior, human figures, animals, still-life, rural scenes, portraits. $19.95 (£16.95) includes post and packing.





LifeInTheReich_CoverLIFE IN THE REICH by Michael Walsh MW 288

BANNED BY AMAZON See what life was actually like in Hitler’s Germany; a lifestyle unequalled anywhere in the world.  Germany changed from one of the poorest countries in the world to the richest. Leading the world in fashion, medicine, and cinema, Germans enjoyed the world’s highest standard of living, industrial capacity, infrastructure, cutting-edge science, healthcare, education etc. The wealth of the Reich damns the hideous failures of the Capitalist ~ Communist systems. With 236 original photographs supported by content this book was a best-seller until Amazon pulled it from their shelves. $19.95 (£16.95) includes post and packing.


photocat Trotsky Front - Copy


The 1917 overthrow of Imperial Russia led to 73 years of chilling Communism sponsored by Wall Street and globalist corporations. Lenin and Trotsky were feted in Wall Street as up to 100 million martyrs, scornfully dismissed by Trotsky as White Negroes, were harvested by Bolshevism’s blood-drenched reapers. $19.95 (£16.95) includes post and packing.






Megacaust Short CoverMEGACAUST by Michael Walsh MW488

BANNED AND RE-INSTATED BY AMAZON: According to R. J. Rummel, Power Kills: Genocide and Mass Murder (Journal of Peace Research) 170 million people have been killed this century by governments; 28 times the numbers falsely attributed to Hitler’s Germany. MEGACAUST reveals that most of the 164 million ‘death by government’ murders could have been prevented by mainstream media that chose instead to collaborate with history’s most depraved mass killers. $19.95 (£16.95) includes post and packing.





Throughout the Reich, the most stunning sculptures were everywhere evident. These great tributes were systematically destroyed and their records airbrushed out of the history books by the allies. The staggering beauty of statues, monuments, and war memorials created by Arno Breker, Fritz Klimsch, Josef Thorak, and Ernst Kunst might be forgotten without this superb illustrated record of the Reich Renaissance and all images supported by captions and biographies. $19.95 (£16.95) includes post and packing.


Slaughter cover New


Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate in March 1917 following which a satanic darkness descended on the world’s richest empire. Covertly sponsored by the United States, Britain, and France the Bolsheviks overthrew and tightened their death grip on Russia. For 36 years the holocausts and atrocities of the Red Terrorists were censored, laundered and even acclaimed by Western media and the West’s corrupt political elite. It is a myth that Russia’s royals were out of touch or the revolution (sic) was primarily a matter for Russia. The Romanov bloodline was that of England, Denmark, Greece, Germany, and Romania, Hungary, Russia, and Serbia. Through the veins of those who made up the Romanov dynasty (1613-1917) ran the blood of ancient Europe. Theirs was a European dynasty. Slaughter of a Dynasty offers insight into issues that others avoid. $19.95 (£16.95) includes post and packing.




The handover of Europe’s African colonies to global banking corporations was slyly sold as the inevitability of Black rule. Like today’s so-called Syrian and Libyan rebels Rhodesia’s Mugabe was a front for the banking houses. The fraud was achieved by coerced Western elites. The NATO West blockaded Rhodesia whilst the Soviet Union and China sponsored armed terrorists hyped by corrupt Western media as noble partisans fighting for democracy and freedom. Government, media, church leaders, Anti-Apartheid Movement, and leftist-liberals unleashed hell on Africa. Church leaders referred to terrorists as Christian soldiers. Today the same traitors fan the ‘winds of change’ sweeping Europe. If successful, the globalists will achieve total control of Europe; Africa yesterday Europe tomorrow. $19.95 (£16.95) includes post and packing.

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