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This week’s get-together offers good-humoured discussion on the stories that appeared in this week’s Ethnic European. Believe it not, The Ethnic-European enjoys a global reach that others find impressive.
The stories discussed include Condemned to Death by Race-Mixing, Green Shoots in Zimbabwe, Our Own Worst Enemy, Hitler’s Prophecies, The Reich’s Russian Heroes, Britain Back in the Thirties and Europeans Escape the Immigrant Invasion.
Read or listen, the Andrew Carrington Hancock Radio Show offers both with spice added.

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One of the most enduring fictions of WWII is that Hitler’s Germany regarded Slavs as subhuman whilst the Allies held the Orthodox Christian peoples of Europe in the highest regard.
The victors’ claim is that Heinrich Himmler personified the concept of the inferior Slav. In fact, the Reichsführer was one of the most ardent advocates of ethnic Slavs being fundamentally of an Aryan race. In conversation with Artur Silgailis, Chief-of-Staff of Inspection General the Latvian Legion, the Latvian Waffen SS, he was adamant in making his point.

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Adolf Hitler, President Chancellor of Germany (1933 – 1945) has been described as Messianic in his power to predict events and to offer solutions to avoid the collapse of the world of ethnic-Europeans.
Many of the 20th century’s greatest thinkers suggested that there was a divinity about the mystical redeemer of Germany. You decide if Hitler’s prophecies have merit.

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Thanks to state-sanctioned race-mixing propaganda duped people are being encouraged to self-destruct by forming relationships with those who don’t share their ethnicity. The children of mixed race couples in need of transplants or life-saving blood transfusions are denied life because of difficulties in finding blood matches.

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