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The weekly show is benefiting from an increasing audience from listeners who like to enjoy the repartee between veteran activist Mike Walsh and global broadcasting presenter Andrew Carrington-Hitchcock. As always, the broadcast showcases the latest news and view covered by THE ETHNIC-EUROPEAN news platform. Thought to be the world’s premier broadcaster for the global community the news stories receive plaudits

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Mike Walsh, one of the West’s best known political pundits receives a fantastic following. Drawing on 50 years of front-line activism against globalism the raconteur accompanied by co-host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock puts flesh to the previous week’s news scoops published only in The Ethnic-European.

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Dr Duke and Michael Walsh of UK Urge Trump – NO WAR FOR ISRAEL in SYRIA!

Today Dr. Duke had British activist Michael Walsh as his guest. They took apart the official Zio narratives that Assad gassed his own people and that Putin used a nerve agent in an attempt to kill a former Russian double agent that Putin himself had released from prison.

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