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ESPRIT DE CORP Not allowed to accept advertisements, we depend upon financial gifts. Michael Walsh, a professional writer leads from the front and expects nothing of others he is not prepared to do himself. Michael Walsh donates his book royalties (and much time) to the Ethnic-European.

Thousands of readers and likes but only 6 (six) helped out financially in June. Unlike David, we can’t bring the giants down with slingshots. Please Donate! 

EASY PURCHASE OR DONATE  If you live the UK / EU a bank transfer to his UK bank account is easy, safe and cheap; many pay online. We have many British and EU book buyers. (email for easy pay details).

EASY PURCHASE IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE UK / EU Most book buyers use MoneyGram that has 350,000 high street agents in over 200 countries. Typically, in one small European city just one Post Office but 7 shops sending and receiving money transfers.

MONEYGRAM Easier, cheaper and safer than PayPal, quicker than posting a package. All you need is the recipient’s name and location (contact and pay what you wish. You are given a pin-code which you send to the recipient and immediate automatic transfer. It really is that easy.

MONEYGRAM “All I needed was my ID and passport name and your passport name and location (Torrevieja), that easy“. ~ Tim. Australia. “A walk in the park.” ~ Christine, Ottawa, Canada.

UNITED STATES On being denied access by PayPal, Linda in the United States took my advice. She tried MoneyGram and used a local trader whose services included MoneyGram (the logos are everywhere). Linda says, “it was so easy; just your passport name and location, that was it.”

AUTHOR SIGNED AMAZON BOOKS I order your book/s for you, sign as you wish and post onward to a chosen address. U.S. $35 or EU/UK €30 per signed book (except mega Witness). Easy Pay Options: UK/EU Simple Bank Transfer.


Every news an views story published in the Ethnic-European pays tribute to each month’s donors.

WHY USE PAYPAL? PayPal is notorious for excessive bureaucracy, spying on users, overcharging.  Ordinary retailers concede that PayPal is problematic and costs them business. 

If you live anywhere in Europe a bank transfer is easier, safer and cheaper than PayPal. We have many British and EU book buyers and donors. Be part of the solution not part of the problem. (email for details) 

FROM GERMANY: “I made a standard transfer just as I would if ordering from a shop or sending money to a friend. I put in your name and BIC, and it wasn’t necessary to use the ‘international’ option.” ~ Tobias.

FROM UK: “No problem paying into your UK bank, I just needed just your name, sort code and account number. Looking forward to my two ordered books.” ~ Lloyd. UK. 

FROM UK: “No, Mike, its was very easy to set up the transfer, all that was needed was the name of the recipient, sort code and account number.  I was then given a four figure number and I received an automated ‘phone call and I keyed in the numbers on the ‘phone and that was it. So glad you appreciate the donation and I am looking forward to my books.” ~ John. UK. 

BUYERS AND DONORS choose their preferred options. Over the counter transfers require proof of your identity. If purpose of transaction is required: ‘writing services’ or ‘gift’. You will be given a PIN code which you email to me with purpose of immediate fuss-free transaction.

RIA MONEY TRANSFER Highly recommended has 350,000 high street outlets in 149 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa online. Online (US, Australia and the UK) or calling in. Easy to register and send money from and to anywhere in the world.

TRANSFERWISE  I have bank accounts in U.S. Canada, Australia, and EU. Simply transfer money and do use your passport name and let me know your country of residence; U.S. Canada, Australia, EU.

MONEYGRAM Similar to RIA highly recommended. 350,000 agents in over 200 countries



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  • BUY DIRECT books are signed by the author.
  • Michael Walsh donates his book royalties to the Ethnic European
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We welcome shared links and mutual support arrangements with political and race-appreciation groups.



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