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white unity



When did you last feel good about your European identity in a world increasingly negative towards white people. Non-Europeans and their interests are constantly promoted by media; crimes of non-Europeans laundered, excused and spun with liberal-left bias.

Police and politicians are institutionally anti-white as is the education system. Treated as second-class citizens almost half of everything white people earn, directly or indirectly, is taxed.  This is then distributed unfairly with much of it going to subsidise those who have never contributed to our infrastructure, health service or paid taxes.

When whites complain they are intimidated by police who turn a blind eye to racist and inflammatory statements made by non-whites. When did you ever see a non-white accused of racism by police, media or courts. Whites, whose offence is considered ‘racist’ have their sentence doubled. This is unacceptable and anti-white grotesque racism.

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