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We receive many emails saying how welcome our healthy news and information platform is.  Share our stories with any critical of government, media police, leftists, race-mixing, refugees etc. 


Dear..  ..  .. , Your enthusiasm for diversity (ethnic-cleansing) is noted. Change being certain, today’s fashion is tomorrow’s crime. The U.S. is exiled from Vietnam, the Soviets ran or swam, in Europe liberal left race-mixing fashionistas retreat. Will your dreams of a final solution for ethnic-Europeans result in your trial or family exile?


RECOMMENDED LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Editors encourage readers’ letters but will not publish anonymous letters. Your contact details won’t be published. We recommend:

Dear Editor, as people plan vacations they should bear in mind that what is legal here isn’t necessarily legal elsewhere. On January 3, Canadian Monika Schaefer was arrested during her visit to Germany because her research into holocaust related fraud upset the authorities. The music tutor now faces a five year prison term. Visitors to Britain who express distaste for Islam are usually barred entry, often fined and even imprisoned for expressing anti-Islamic comment.

Dear Editor, Why is it only Whites are accused of racism for preferring their own kind?  This doesn’t mean dislike for others. Surely to resist multi-culturalism and race-mixing is a statement of race love whilst those who promote ethnicide are the real race haters.

Dear Editor, According to R. J. Rummel, Power, Genocide and Mass Murder, Journal of Peace Research 31, 170 million people were killed by government during the 20th century.  Why are 164 million people murdered by government forgotten? Is genocide by Capitalist and Communist regimes inconvenient history?’

Dear Editor, “Statistically more Europeans were enslaved over the centuries by North African slave traders than were Africans enslaved by Europeans. The British elite deported far more English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish slaves over centuries than they did Africans. The English even sold English and Irish slaves to African tribal chiefs in return for Negro slaves.  Besides, weren’t the estimated 40 million slaves sent to the Soviet Gulag in bondage too or don’t they count? Why is it only Black slaves matter, isn’t this racism.”


Commercial advertising features mixed race images because to win government contracts advertising agencies must show their commitment to diversity.  Black and Asian periodicals do not feature the same mixed-race adverts as published in White media; this racist propaganda is anti-White racism.

The Ethnic European encourages all who value their ethnic, religious and cultural heritage to shun products and services by companies who promote ethnicide.


Dear Sir / Madam, Racial groups opposed to ethnicide object to adverts displaying unrealistic race-mixing images. Only a race hating business would promote ethnicide by race mixing and cultural displacement. Are you selling a product or peddling race mixing propaganda. Copies to my friends. ~ Sincerely, ex-customer.

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SINCERE THANKS to those who use PayPal (it isn’t necessary to have an account), Western Union or registered mail to ensure others enjoy access to news stories censored by media. My employers are ethnic-Europeans on whose behalf I write. ~ Mike Walsh.




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