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Church and Religious Monument Vandalism (Suspected and Confirmed)

Boston police are investigating after a statue of the Virgin Mary was apparently set on fire outside of a church in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood.

Police responded to a reported fire outside of St. Peter Parish on Bowdoin Street around 10 p.m. Saturday, where they found the burned statue.

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Kent State University in Ohio (the USA) released a statement Friday after an offensive message was painted on the KSU rock. Kent State said the message was specifically hurtful towards members of the Black community. The statement said this incident redirects their focus and commitment to social justice and the lived experiences of Black people.

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Yale, one of the most prestigious of American universities was accused of racism against ethnic-European (White) and Asian applicants.  After intensive studies, it turned out that it is much easier for African Americans to go to college than people with different skin colour. This was reported on the website of the US Department of Justice.

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