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At least 13,000 British Army servicemen are homeless after leaving the military.  Military charities said the shameful figure is a record high and the Government is failing those who risk their lives for Queen and country. They also issued a stark warning that the crisis deepens every month.
Les Standish, who won the Military Medal in the Falklands War, said:  “The Government has let these people down. These men and women were willing to fight and lay down their lives for this country and the only help available to them is from charities. The Government needs to do more for them. It’s a disgrace.”

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This week the two impresarios take a break from the regular script. Mike and Andy have some pretty pressing issues; well, can you think of anything more pressing that discovering books and the issues they raise that mainstream don’t want you to hear about.
Thanks to generous donors Mike is able to get into the guts of LIFE IN THE REICH, THE SACKING OF THE REICH, THE RED BRIGANDS and THE SLAUGHTER OF A DYNASTY.

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A German journalist has been sentenced for criticising Islam on Facebook. Michael Stürzenberger will serve a 6-month sentence and 100 hours of community service for speaking out against Islam.
The imprisoned journalist and other dissidents can take heart from a note that was left in Landsberg Prison upon which a message was penned by Adolf Hitler during his imprisonment: “When freedom falls the best men meet in prison.”

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The deputy leader of Britain First hit the international headlines when Jayda Fransen’s anti-benefit bandits’ campaign was endorsed in a tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump.
Jayda Fransen on January 10 arrived in Northern Ireland to face two show trials on two counts of ‘attempting to stir up racial hatred’. The attractive campaigner for white rights hit out at politically inspired trumped up charges.  

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Tourism in Greece and Turkey has been ravaged by the refugee crisis and deadly terrorist attacks, damaging a crucial source of revenue in both countries.
This summer, the tourism industries of both countries have been put under enormous pressure. According to Turkey’s ministry of tourism data, approximately 41% less tourists visited the country compared to the same month last year.

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In the run-up to a national election, research indicates that Italians have swung significantly to ethnic-European identity right in the past five years. It is not good news for the evaporating George Soros backed liberal-left. Those who posture as liberals or progressives are finding their numbers falling by nearly 50 per cent.
An extensive survey of Italian voters conducted by the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero in late December reveals that 22 per cent of Italian adults now describe themselves as part of a virulently anti-regime ‘movement of discontents.’ Another 14 per cent regard themselves as conservatives, not to be confused with the UK self-styled conservatives. A further 6 percent are based on a U.S. form of republicanism.

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