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“Part of the problem is that these people vote for them.” – Michael Schudrich, Poland’s American-born chief rabbi.
Controlled mainstream media got themselves into a death-defying tizzy over the unexpected success of the Poland’s Independence Day demonstration on November 11. Figures published for turnout ranged from a ludicrous 10,000 to a much more realistic 100,000.

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Astonishing And Explosive Letters From The American Nazi Party Archives…

By Andrew Carrington Hitchcock & Michael Walsh.

In the course of producing and presenting, “The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show,” on EuroFolkRadio.Com, I have had the opportunity to interview over 150 interesting guests, who have provided a wealth of information for the EuroFolkRadio audience.

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At 42-years of age, Amber Rudd was totally lacking in political experience and showed no interest in public service. Yet, within 72 months of her being parachuted into a safe constituency, she became only the third Home Secretary in the history of the British government; the fifth woman to hold one of the great offices of state, and the fastest rising politician since WWII.

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