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Church and Religious Monument Vandalism (Suspected and Confirmed)

Boston police are investigating after a statue of the Virgin Mary was apparently set on fire outside of a church in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood.

Police responded to a reported fire outside of St. Peter Parish on Bowdoin Street around 10 p.m. Saturday, where they found the burned statue.

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The memory of Nicholas II and his family on the anniversary of the execution is being paid tribute to and honoured by up to 100,000 believers.  In Yekaterinburg, a large procession was held. On the night of July 17, more than 10 thousand pilgrims walked 21 kilometres from the Christian Temple on the Blood, built on the site of the execution of the royal family, to the Ganina pit, where the Jewish Bolshevik perpetrators tried in vain to hide the martyrs remains.

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Whatever else changes Capitalism never does so. As much of the world celebrates Christmas Day 1/7 Americans exist miserably on incomes that put them on hunger risk.
Over 15 million American children rely on food banks for assistance. Food insecurity blights every single U.S. county; more than 31 million American children live on incomes that qualify for subsidised lunches. Nearly 40 per cent of America’s homeless are under 18-years of age.

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‘Every country has the right to decide whether it wants to be one or neither of these, just as everyone also has the right to live in the land of their birth and to live a secure life there in their own homeland. This is the foundation on which the Hungarian government is building its policy when it supports Christian communities abroad.’ 

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