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Anti-Lockdown protestors in Spain and Madrid, in particular, have been battling the State Police for two days. Protests and violence continued over the weekend in Madrid, as clashes between concerned citizens and the state’s well-armed police grew increasingly violent. Video shared to social media showcases the increasing violence.

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Suffering the foulest more repressive regime since the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), tens of thousands of Spaniards have demonstrated this Saturday in Madrid to request the resignation of Pedro Sánchez for the regime’s disastrous management of the Covid-19 crisis, the worst by far in Europe. The Pedro Sánchez Platform hostile to the Marxist regime had been reporting for weeks on the demonstration that took place today in the streets of Madrid.

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Adios, España: The worst ending for a good King

Falling book sales and fewer gifts means a 50 percent reduction in news stories. Thanks for understanding.  Please share stories on social media. Never miss a story: Bookmark our page or ‘Follow My Blog’ right-hand column scroll down Visitors welcome to visit  BOOKS or BUY FROM  AUTHOR   euroman_uk@yahoo.co.uk The abdicated King Don Juan Carlos leaves Spain after agreeing to a statement

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Let’s wake up now …

Let’s wake up now … Why doesn’t anyone remember the meetings between Pedro Sánchez and George Soros; the last one in Davos, with Alexander Soros, his son, in January 2020? Why is there only talk of George Soros and Bill Gates abroad? Why do so few people complete the puzzle? Why aren’t there more videos criticizing the irrational, unconstitutional, and unscientific confinement and fear of a virus that 85% of people pass like the flu or asymptomatically? Why are the implications of the 2030 Agenda and the ID2020 project not known in Spain?

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