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There simply is no escape story to equal that of Lieutenant Clemens Forell (Cornelius Rost) (March 1919 – October 1983). It is undoubtedly the greatest land escape of all time. It is the true story of a young German lieutenant captured on the Eastern Front. He was one of hundreds of thousands of captured and surrendered German prisoners-of-war who ended up as slaves in the Soviet Union’s notorious network of slave run prison camps.

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Genocide Role-Call of Dishonour

Those hooked on mainstream media firmly believe that the Germans were the worst mass killers in history; indeed the only genocidal psychopaths set on exterminating entire peoples. The dreadful irony is that such propaganda is now conclusively proven to be untrue. The alleged holocaust is today so convincingly debunked that its only protection is the imprisonment of investigators who challenge the official narrative. When the prison cell replaces debate you can be certain that the case made is full of holes.

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Another Allied Holocaust Ignored

Each year on 25–28 March, the Republic of Latvia has been in a state of sombre reflection. In every town and city, the oldest flag in Europe has flown at half-mast. It is not possible to stroll down a country lane, pass a church or government hall without seeing this symbolic national sense of pain. Church bells tolled and dignified well-organised remembrance occasions have been held throughout this lovely Baltic nation.

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