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Thunberg is a media icon but Abby Martin, ignored by media has this to say: ‘For my entire life I have watched the corporate media sell us war after war. Always telling us who our enemies are, which countries need saving and which governments need to be overthrown. And every single time it turns out they lied.’

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Curse of the Tsar Killers. What strange fates greeted the murderers of the Romanovs?

What strange fates greeted the murderers of the Romanovs?
Whilst the fate of Tsar Nicholas II, his family and his aides is reasonably well known, the same is not true of the detail in which one certainly finds the Devil. Unknown to Western eyes and ears the karma like fate that befell those who slaughtered the then world’s most revered royals is thought-provoking as it is fascinating.

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Germans Blamed for Allied Crimes

Very few people know the detail of Joseph Stalin’s notorious Torch-Man Order. As a consequence people little realise that images depicting German atrocities are falsified. Filmed atrocities were the responsibility not of the Reich, but of England and America’s Soviet allies. There can be no excuse for using images of one’s own crimes to stigmatise one’s enemy. To do so to justify war is a war crime. The banality of evil is that the Torch-Man Order is censored in the West and disguised behind the bland index Order Number #0428.

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