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Another Allied Holocaust Ignored

Each year on 25–28 March, the Republic of Latvia has been in a state of sombre reflection. In every town and city, the oldest flag in Europe has flown at half-mast. It is not possible to stroll down a country lane, pass a church or government hall without seeing this symbolic national sense of pain. Church bells tolled and dignified well-organised remembrance occasions have been held throughout this lovely Baltic nation.

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Whilst Renaissance Russia in alliance with the Peoples Republic of China goes from strength to strength, the Europe Union’s defence capabilities can at best be described as senile. In Germany, only half of the potential recruits are suitable for service. Others are reportedly unfit or they don’t have a German passport. No, this is not fake news.

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Latvia is one of the oldest of European nations. Its flag, inspired by a great 13th century battle in Cēsis, is the nation’s blood flag. During the conflict, a mortally wounded Livonian warrior was placed on a sheet. When his body was raised the death sheet remained white where his body had lain whilst its sides were covered in the warrior’s dark red blood.

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In a stunning reversal of EU migrant policy, which favours the world’s least qualified benefit-bandits, Russia is set to relax immigration rules to favour the most talented immigrants.
The initiative will attract the educated elite of Ukraine and other European nations like the Baltic States. Most are in the EU sphere and are NATO hostile to Russia. The move will provide Russia with a stream of talent whilst denying their tormentors their best human resources.

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NATO, an American army dependent upon European mercenaries, is aghast after a Russia-friendly party won the most votes in Latvia’s parliamentary elections, ahead of two populist parties.  The Harmony party, which gets much of its support from the Baltic nation’s Russian-speaking minority, took 19.9 percent of the votes in the October 6 elections, final results showed.

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