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The Lend-Lease Pact was signed by US President Roosevelt’s before the US conspired to enter the war and to then join in the plunder. The Pact provided Soviet dictator Josef Stalin a blank check to ensure the survival of the Soviet Union. For this reason, the Soviets established the Trophy Brigades from as early as February 1943. Their purpose of the Trophy Brigades was to join in the ransacking and share with the Allies the spoils of war.

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BELARUS THE WILD CARD OF CENTRAL EUROPE: The Great Patriotic War was not our war.

Taking everyone by surprise, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko called the Great Patriotic War, was not our war. The Great Patriotic War was dictator Josef Stalin’s mantra for the 1941 ~ 1945 war in which, assisted by the British and American empires, the Soviet Union was kept in Bolshevik manacles.

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