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We all know you can’t fix stupid but karma never gives up.  Old enough to know better, a 74-old German senior social worker who helped with the Merkel inspired migrant influx in 2015 must move out of the flat he has lived in for 24 years. A 1990s court ruling allows town councillors to evict tenants to accommodate refugees if other options are exhausted.

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FEW EUROPEANS comprehend the roots and reach of the European Union’s determination to ethnically cleanse what remains of the European peoples.  Is this wild-talk? Fact: Non-White Bolshevism (1917 – 1990) ethnically cleansed up to 100 million Christian Europeans. Allowing for natural demographic growth the population of Russia today should stand at around 350 million people. Russia is recovering but the population (2019) is still just 144.5 million.

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