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Michael Walsh might be better known as a novelist and poet had his life not been interrupted by the needs of nationalism.  Born into a radicalised family of writers and achievers the lyricist and journalist penned his first collectible poem at 24-years of age. Inspired by rural tranquillity Morning was followed by over 800 elegies, sonnets, and poems.
Were these poems the scribbling of a self-indulgent fantasist worthy only of self-praise? Hardly, in 2000 Michael Walsh was arguably Britain’s most popular contemporary poet.

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THE AIRWAVES CRACKLE … well, they did so before the digital age arrived. It is always good to eavesdrop on Andrew and Mike as they chat about crossing the bridge from 2017 to 2018.
This week’s radio get-together puts us in the picture regarding recently published stories ignored by media. Those listening in get high on the lowdown on the most recently published book blockbusters. Listen in to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Mike Walsh broadcast. 

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