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Shock and outrage has been expressed as it emerges that the ambush of Hitler’s Germany in 1939 had nothing to do with defending democracy. It is now more generally accepted that the real reason for the most disastrous war in human history was the elimination of a trade competitor and also opportunity to plunder Germany’s wealth and to afterwards divide the nation’s resources among the victor nations. A historian, who purchased his copy of Ransacking the Reich by Michael Walsh, doesn’t mince his words.

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There is growing alarm in Berlin at a growing trend to disregard the bogus constitution imposed upon the German Reich in 1945. From May 1945, the elected members of the German Reichstag were illegally arrested by the victorious allied armies. The combined forces of the victorious Soviet, British and American Empires unlawfully removed Germany’s internationally recognised constitution. Since, Germany has laboured under a fraudulent constitution that has no legal basis in international law, although it is begrudgingly suffered.

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