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Thanks to state-sanctioned race-mixing propaganda duped people are being encouraged to self-destruct by forming relationships with those who don’t share their ethnicity. The children of mixed race couples in need of transplants or life-saving blood transfusions are denied life because of difficulties in finding blood matches.

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Channelling taxpayers’ money into enterprises more profitable than mental institutions topped government agenda in the 1960s. A decision was then made to tip the contents of asylums and mental institutions onto the streets. It was the madness of course but concerns were brushed aside. The state propaganda apparatus cosmetically enhanced the lunatic decision by claiming Care in the Community was a

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We have come a long way since 1960 when the censor’s dead hand was lifted off the D. H. Lawrence novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover.  I am not surprised that distinguished English author first considered calling his literary book Tenderness. The lovemaking between Lady Chatterley and her gamekeeper lover Oliver Mellors was sensitively portrayed. The language used was typically rustic without intending to shock.

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Social media that calls itself Facebook is globally mocked for its anti-White stance. The portal´s anti-White policy is being labelled ´deeply offensive´ and ´racist´. Mike Walsh, author, and journalist says, users are baffled by Facebook´s abhorrent defence of grossly offensive images. The broadcaster says, “How on earth can Facebook justify child access to images of torture and slaughter but impose

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