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The United Kingdom government finds itself in a quandary over dissident Australian journalist, Julian Assange. Having despaired of finding a case against the writer Sweden abandoned the embarrassing pursuit of the fugitive from injustice.
In 2012 the government of Ecuador granted the London-based whistle-blower sanctuary in their London embassy. The cost of surrounding the embassy with armed police is said to run into millions. This is the responsibility of the UK taxpayer. What cannot be priced is the humiliation of the UK regime whichever way the mop flops.

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A German journalist has been sentenced for criticising Islam on Facebook. Michael Stürzenberger will serve a 6-month sentence and 100 hours of community service for speaking out against Islam.
The imprisoned journalist and other dissidents can take heart from a note that was left in Landsberg Prison upon which a message was penned by Adolf Hitler during his imprisonment: “When freedom falls the best men meet in prison.”

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The deputy leader of Britain First hit the international headlines when Jayda Fransen’s anti-benefit bandits’ campaign was endorsed in a tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump.
Jayda Fransen on January 10 arrived in Northern Ireland to face two show trials on two counts of ‘attempting to stir up racial hatred’. The attractive campaigner for white rights hit out at politically inspired trumped up charges.  

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As Germany turns into a repressive violent state travellers are warned of a ‘visit at your peril’ red alert. Entangled in electoral mayhem and threatened by refugee violence the Merkel regime is said to be staring into the abyss.
Normal life is fast disappearing. Also disappearing are many Germans now fleeing to Hungary and Poles returning to their homeland to escape rampant refugee violence gripping Germany’s once beautiful cities.

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If Ahed (Tammy) and her family were victims of German troops one can be certain that her story would be endlessly recycled by mainstream media. Her image would appear in school textbooks, her home a symbolic museum, her diary published, and movies made of her short life. It isn’t that way because “ownership of the media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

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