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World War II veterans welcome the respect that comes with their once having been a member of the armed forces. This is a normal human trait but chances are they were hardly volunteers. Young conscripts, many of them in their teens, were press-ganged into the armed forces. If there was genuine enthusiasm for the war then conscription would be neither necessary nor desirable.

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Care home residents restricted to their rooms and prohibited visits from loved ones are giving up on life and ‘fading away’, say staff and families. Most care homes across the UK have been in lockdown since early March, with aged residents isolated in their bedrooms behind closed doors. Many are denied visits from their families, even to see them through their windows.

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As the lockdown is removed crisis payments by autocratic regimes will cease. However, the jobs lost will stay lost. As the government grapples with the challenge of an exit strategy from lockdown, many people are anxious about a looming financial cliff edge. What happens when the package of measures to support wages and reduce the burden of household bills comes to an end?

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