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The ruling Social Democrats, who have led Sweden throughout most of the 20th century, have directly benefited from immigration. Research indicates the majority of migrants tend to vote for left-of-the-centre parties, such as the Social Democrats and their allies, the Greens. Well they would wouldn’t they? Migrants are not quite dumb enough to bite the hand that feeds them with the had-earned taxes of real hardworking Swedes.

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THE CARING PEOPLES PAPER  Please publish our stories and share them on social media. We are dependent upon donations. Never miss a story: Follow My Blog right-hand column scroll down Visitors welcome to visit  BOOKS or BUY FROM  AUTHOR   euroman_uk@yahoo.co.uk Results of the trials of members of Greece’s Nationalist Party Golden Dawn are to be heard on Oct. 7. The decision on the guilt

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More than 500 migrants have crossed the English Channel to the UK in just three days. Dozens more migrants braved the dangerous crossing to Britain on Saturday, prompting an hours-long search and rescue operation. Migrants wearing blankets and lifejackets were seen arriving in Dover aboard a Border Force boat on Saturday afternoon, while others were reported to have landed on Kent beaches. A total of 151 migrants reached the UK via small boats on Saturday, the Home Office confirmed.

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At this time of every year, an estimated 3 million North African residents of the European Union meet and surge towards their North African roots. Most will us, or intend to use the southern Spanish port of Algeciras to cross the straits. The term for the homecoming diaspora is Operation Strait of the Strait (OPE) occurs, where millions of North Africans from different countries temporarily return to their places of origin.

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