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“Part of the problem is that these people vote for them.” – Michael Schudrich, Poland’s American-born chief rabbi.
Controlled mainstream media got themselves into a death-defying tizzy over the unexpected success of the Poland’s Independence Day demonstration on November 11. Figures published for turnout ranged from a ludicrous 10,000 to a much more realistic 100,000.

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Astonishing And Explosive Letters From The American Nazi Party Archives…

By Andrew Carrington Hitchcock & Michael Walsh.

In the course of producing and presenting, “The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show,” on EuroFolkRadio.Com, I have had the opportunity to interview over 150 interesting guests, who have provided a wealth of information for the EuroFolkRadio audience.

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At 42-years of age, Amber Rudd was totally lacking in political experience and showed no interest in public service. Yet, within 72 months of her being parachuted into a safe constituency, she became only the third Home Secretary in the history of the British government; the fifth woman to hold one of the great offices of state, and the fastest rising politician since WWII.

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On September 25, Vladimir Putin presented two possible avenues for the European Union in relation to the migrant crisis. One of them would be to defend by physical force and the army the borders of Schengen. The second would be to let the clandestine migrants come and with them terrorists, then it would be the end of the European Union which could induce / bring the third world war and even a new holocaust.

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