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Picture the scene; it is an upstairs bar and this is no gentlemen’s club. The night has been rowdy but the sailors and hangers-on have by now mostly evaporated into Durban’s night air. I have other things on my mind. Gloria is a petite brunette; I have seen more meat on a butcher’s pencil but I am attracted to her. By way of small talk, I ask her how is it she is in ‘a nice place like this.’

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Ethnic-Europeans, who still make up 95% of the smallest continent, are baffled by the sinister anti-White propaganda displayed in commercial advertising. Propaganda promoting mixed-race relationships, particularly white women with black men, has become so general, even the least observant have begun to notice.

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Anti-White media and Facebook received a humiliating slap in the face after their failed attempt to form a defensive ring around gangs of marauding rapists.
Crowd-Funding Kickstarter refused to add a book exposing refugee rape gangs submitted by an applicant. The author, a Swedish Conservative parliamentary candidate, is writing an eagerly awaited book about the horrific level of rape carried out by non-Swedes. Media were jubilant at the denial of service and Facebook blocked the author.

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For once we are in full agreement with the state-owned broadcaster. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is infamously anti-White and pro-Soviet. Greg Dyke, former BBC Director-General in 2007:  The BBC is hideously White.”
There will be dark faces on the BBC’s non-White staff as it is revealed that they’re to be replaced by non-Europeans. When one considers the moral-bankruptcy of British media’s staffers most fair-minded people find it difficult to sympathise with renegades who lose their jobs to Blacks.

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“Dare to do things worthy of imprisonment if you mean to be on consequence.” ~ Juvenal, Roman Poet 100AD.
SUFFRAGETTES and self-respects we honour courageous women who place conscience and principles higher than the laws of unspeakable regimes. The following women are in German prisons or in the case of Alison Chabloz facing gaol for exercising their rights under the solemnly signed:- 
UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes the right to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart informational and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.’

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