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MICHAEL WALSH has brought up to the retail standard the complete or partly written work of over 30 new and existing authors. By editing, enhancing, adding flair, flow and dialogue, the author of 62 books and novels can help you.

Britain’s most prolific multi-topic author, Michael specialises in novels, life experiences, thrillers, romance and erotica. If you have already committed your writing to your computer then Michael will co-write your story work from his home office.

At just €25 / £25 per 1,000 complete words, his fees are regarded as perfectly reasonable. To help you budget you pay in 10,000-word sections as we progress through your book. Many authors get family and friends to chip in.

In 2011, the Editorial Board of the Euro Weekly News were unanimous in presenting Michael with their unique ‘Writer of the Year’ award. Contact Michael direct by emailing keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com

Michael Walsh Editing